Foodie Friday: The Green Bollington Cafe!

When at home in the UK, we usually leave it up to our brother Chris to take us to cool and delicious foodie spots. This past trip home he didn't disappoint. A client of his, he's a personal trainer, told him about The Green Bollington Cafe, in Bollington, that had only been open a week. It was about 25 minutes away from our house, so we thought it would make for a nice little family outing to go and check it out. 

It was a beautiful Saturday Morning and already the Cafe was getting full. But lucky for us they had a few more tables in a back room, as well as a cute little courtyard outside, that will be wonderful in Summer. The staff were extremely welcoming, they made it a very relaxed and happy environment and the whole feel of the place from the brightness, to the set up, to the friendliness, just created this very positive, family, cozy, cool vibe.
We each ordered a Cappuccino to drink. Not sure what makes a Cappuccino good but this was one of the best we have had in a Cafe, we only had to put one sugar in and Jen and Chris couldn't stop pinching sips! 
Lucy and Jen ordered a sausage and bacon butty on burrow bread, if we've remembered correctly. The sausages were lovely, proper English sausages, and the bread was so soft and moreish. As for the bacon, we apologize but nothing beats British bacon. This was scrumptious.
Our Dad and Chris ordered a duck egg on a muffin with smashed avocado, bacon and we believe a hollandaise sauce. We couldn't tell you too much about this except it must have been good because both Dad and Chris ate it so quickly we barely got to try it. We did use the bread from the butty's to mop up the sauce though and it was delicious. 
I ordered the Nutella and berry pancakes, so that we could all try something sweet off the menu. There were about six little pancakes which made the perfect portion and the lady told me to just ask if I wanted more Nutella.....can we say extra brownie points for the offer of more Nutella, I mean who could possibly argue with that? I loved these pancakes because they were real homemade British pancakes, they taste like something we would make in our kitchen, which to me just made them that much more perfect.

All in all, there were five very clean plates left on the table! The food was excellent, the staff were friendly and helpful and everything ran smoothly. We couldn't believe it had only been open a week! 

It's in a beautiful spot perfect for a weekend walk, after you've had a coffee or your breakfast, and we will definitely be taking Mum and our husbands on our next trip home!! :) You can see all the food we ate plus a quick look at the Village the Cafe is in, in our latest vlog HERE! :) 

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. If you're in the UK, why not visit The Green Bollington for breakfast? Tweet us or tag us in your Instagram pics! Find us @TheBlossomTwins :)

You can also find The Green Bollington Cafe on Facebook and give them a like!

Love Lucy and Kelly

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