Crosta and Mollica: ITALIAN GIVEAWAY!

By now you know how much we adore all things Italian and how incredibly giddy we get over Italian food. So today we couldn't be more excited to be working with Crosta & Mollica to bring you an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!
Crosta and Mollica are a company that prides itself on bringing authentic Italian products to our supermarkets. We love that their focus is celebrating food by bringing families and friends together, sharing the joy of traditions, incredible food and quality ingredients. All of their products are made in a bakery in Italy before being sent over here. We were literally jumping for joy upon receiving some of these products to try, the cute packaging, the authentic Italian smell, we couldn't wait to dig in. As soon as we opened up Crosta & Mollica's Grissini Breads, we could smell the quality of the olive oil right off the bat and the bag was half gone within a few minutes. The real test came when sharing the treats with our Nanna and Grandad, could we have got more qualified taste testers?...We don't think so! Well, Grandads' face was a picture, he lit up seeing all the goodies and was extremely impressed with the products, as was our Nanna, which we were over the moon about!
Crostini Oregano!
These delicious Oregano Crostini went perfectly with our favourite Prosciutto. This little dish would be ideal as a finger food for parties or even as a starter! :) For us, meal times would not be complete without some form of bread on the table, these new additions went down a treat and complimented everything from the Prosciutto above, to cheese and butter, and as a great dipper for olive oil. Mmmm!!
Tarallini with Fennel Seeds!
Available from Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Booths!
We love having our cupboards stocked up with Tarallini, not only are they delicious but they make a great snack too! These Tarallini with fennel seeds were to die for, you can truly taste the premium ingredients and that wonderful, superior Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We like to nibble on these while preparing dinner or even when we are sat watching TV, they make a healthy alternative to a tub of chocolate buttons! Pair them with a glass of wine, sit back, relax and let Crosta and Mollica transport you to Italy!  

Now for the best bit...the coolest thing about all of these Fantastico products we have mentioned is, that we now get to share them with YOU! We with Crosta and Mollica are giving YOU the chance to win a selection of their products and here's what you have to do:

Head over to our Twitter and be sure to Follow us @TheBlossomTwins and @crostamollica and RT our pinned tweet.

Go check out our Instagram (@theblossomtwins)  and Comment on the Giveaway picture what you would be most excited to try!

This giveaway is open to UK residents only and ends on May 21st!

It's really that simple! :)
Grissini Breads and Bolli!
These again packed so much flavor, we couldn't help the grins on our faces when we tucked into them. The Grissini were incredibly fresh, light and positively melt in your mouth tasty.

Thank you so so much to Crosta & Mollica for sending us a box of goodies and for bringing so much joy to our Nanna and Grandad. They couldn't believe your kindness. Lunch times with them are going to be an extra treat over the next two weeks sharing and enjoying all the delicious Tarallini, Breadsticks and other scrumptious goodies you sent!

Be sure to check out Crosta and Mollica on the web! :)


Good luck to everyone who enters the Giveaway! :)
Have a wonderful day!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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