Confidence Boosters!

As we are getting older we are learning more and more each day about confidence and what make us hold are heads up high. Today we thought we would share these things with you and encourage you to share with us what boosts your confidence too! :)

Working out.
After a good gym session I always feel happy and stress free and confident and strong within myself, both body and mind.
New gym outfits!
I tend to wear a lot of gym pants and tank tops lately, the casual look fits me perfectly. They are cozy and comfortable and when it comes to being confident in clothes I definitely need comfort. It helps that there are so many awesome brands out there that do the cutest outfits. My favourite at the moment is definitely Gymshark, I could live in their clothes.

My Role Models.
My celebrity role models play a big part in giving me confidence boosts throughout the day, because when I'm happy I feel at my most unstoppable. Don't we all? There's nothing like a Zachary Levi facial expressions Voxer conversation with our little sister in the morning to help kick start my day, or watching Chris Evans laugh in interviews, to put me in a positive frame of mind. I get attached to people quite quickly, but I love that with all the bad things in the world we as people can do or say to each other, I have my role models to turn to, who are doing things daily to entertain and spread a bit of happiness around. That in itself makes me want to be confident in doing that too.

Skater Dresses.
I am most comfortable in sweat pants and my pjamas. No matter how much I will myself to wear my jeans more often or try to be more fashionable it doesn't seem to work. However, I do own a few floaty dresses that always make me feel that tad bit more confident when going out. I like that they are just simple and feel that they fit my shape best, so I don't spend the whole time I'm out worrying about how I look.
Do you ever put music on and then proceed to dance around the house whilst singing your heart out? If you answered yes, do you ever think in those moments that if someone was to see you then, they would see you at your best? Maybe I think too much, but when I'm playing music that I love eg, The Overtones and dancing around my apartment, I am confident, secure and completely happy with who I am in the moment. There is something so freeing about belting out your favourite tunes and not caring that you can't sing and have no rhythm! :p

Let us know what makes you confident in the comments below! :)
Have a beautiful, happy day!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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  1. I loved this post and related to so many of these. Music always helps me with my confidence and I love wearing skater dresses! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx