28 things UPDATE! :)

Just the other day we were talking about how sometimes we can get worked up and always think about things we have to do, get mad at ourselves for not having achieved certain things yet or sometimes get overwhelmed that we are not doing enough. Back in February we each came up with a list of "28 Things to do at 28", as a way of visualizing goals and feeling accomplished when being able to tick them off. Our lists were mixture of big dreams and little dreams. Four months later we thought it would be fun to do a little update. You see, when we went over our lists we realized that not only have we already ticked off many goals, but we have also accomplished a bunch of things that we hadn't written down. It made us think about how important it is to remember what you have done and allow yourself to be proud of yourself.
I had a bunch of fitness goals on my list, all of which I ticked off in the last month, completing 10 proper press ups in a row and squatting more than I have ever squatted before. Then it occurred to me that each day at the gym I was achieving more personal bests and pushing myself like never before and it made me smile that having set those specific goals in turn inspired me to accomplish many others I hadn't even considered, almost like a domino effect.

I may not have attended a makeup event or been practicing makeup looks that I watch on YouTube, but I have attended a fitness event, BodyPower in Birmingham, and every day I try a new gym exercise that I learn from my favourite fitness YouTubers. :)

On my list I had written about doing something that scares me, though I wasn't sure what that something would be. When looking at my list each morning I realized the other day that I had done many scary things recently, I'm not talking bungee jumping or swimming with sharks, but for me it was sending off my first draft, putting myself out there for new jobs, doing promotional work and having to walk up to thousands of people to talk to them, and allowing myself to set new goals and dreams. All scary things for me but I have done them. :)

When consulting my "28 Things to do at 28" I laughed at how many things I wrote that now seem like little things, like wear my converse more or wear more jewellery. Whilst I can happily tell you that I can tick both of those things off my list, I'm even happier that there hasn't been one day that has gone by that I haven't focused on the one or two bigger things on my list, like my writing or smiling more and trying not to worry. I found that the listening to music more, another goal on my list, really helps with that one. The smaller things, like trying a new make up look, I haven't focused on as much but these bigger things I am constantly working on. Writing these things down definitely helps. I feel as though having them on paper means that any obstacles I may face just become things I have to get around or jump over because I'll be damned if I can't tick something off my "To do list." :p  I definitely feel like a more motivated and driven person this year, one that enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone even if it's just with baby steps. I find myself saying yes a lot more to things I feel I wouldn't usually do and just wanting to experience more everyday. It's a lovely feeling to know that just by a simple act of writing something down, I am striving each day to become a better version of myself. :)

We love setting goals and writing our 'To Do' lists, as we touched on above, it really helps us to visualize what we want to achieve and get the plans in motion to make them happen. In turn we feel that those positive thoughts and actions lead to accomplishing so many other things to be proud of a long the way! :)

How do you go about achieving your goals?

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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