10 reasons why Colin Shea is the perfect guy!

It's no secret that we love Chris Evans, he just seems wonderful in every way, and while we could probably write a long list of what makes him so perfect, we thought we would have a bit of fun today with one of the characters he plays in our 'Go To Girly Night In' movie. Hands up if you've seen "What's your number?" Hands up if you've seen it more than ten times *Raises both hands* If you haven't seen it, why? Make sure you watch it like now!!! NOW!! You don't know what you're missing! Below are ten reasons, along with pictures and gifs, you're very welcome, why Colin Shea is the perfect guy! :)
He’s honest.

OK so he may sleep with half the women in Boston but at least he’s honest about it! We know what we’re signing up for with him and if we’re lucky enough to break down the walls we know it’s because he really cares.

He doesn’t take life too seriously.

He’ll jump in the harbor and play strip horse with us and teach us to laugh at our silly mistakes. Life’s supposed to be fun and he’ll make sure we know that.

 His smile.

Need we really say more.

He’s ripped but not too ripped.

While it’s obvious that he works out and is definitely confident in his own skin, he’s not too big, he’s pretty much perfect. *Insert heart eyed emoji*

He buys you Chinese food and pizza.

What could be better than coming home from a day at work to Chinese food or pizza while sitting on the couch having a laugh, dancing around to music and being happy and comfortable in our own skin?

He plays guitar AND sings.

So he may be a “struggling musician” but at least he’s a good one and if it means we get to sit and watch him play guitar in just his underwear, the way he likes to play best then who are we to complain?

 He accepts you for you.

He’s been there through all our mistakes but he’s never judged or made us feel bad. He lets us do what we have to do, even if we make some really bad decisions and he likes us anyway. We can eat what we want, say what we want and act anyway we want. We also don’t have to wake up and brush our hair or put a little make up on in the morning because he likes us just the way we are.

If you give him a project, he’ll do it right.

If we ask him to do something, he’ll do it properly even if it is something stupid. He’ll listen to what we would like him to do and will get the job done.

He’s thoughtful.

He knows how much our little hobbies or side projects mean to us and he’ll support us with them 100%. They may not make us money but if it makes us happy, he’s all for it.

His morning plans include making breakfast and watching wrestling.

What could be more perfect than a guy that cooks AND wants to watch wrestling in the morning?? This means we know he wants to spend the day cuddled up and spending time together. No rush, just the two of us and there’s no place he would rather be.

Hope you enjoyed this list and that it made you want to see the movie, if you're one of the few people who haven't seen it yet. It really is hilarious, both Chris Evans and Anna Faris are awesome in it and it honestly never fails to make us smile. Here's one more gif just because, well, Chris Evans...

Happy Friday!! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. Awww this is such a cute post! You definitely have the sweetest blog of all time *heart eyes* :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Aww thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! :) xxx