Take us back to the 90's! Sweet edition!

We loved writing about our favourite childhood movies in our 'Take me back to the 90's' post and it was so much fun to sit back and reminisce about childhood and all the things that we got up to in the 90's Tag. I don't know whether it happens to us all as we get older, where we think about and miss the good old days of being care free, no real responsibilities or worries, more often? But personally I have found myself doing that a lot lately. I feel as though looking back somewhat brings me comfort in this ever changing and often scary world. I find myself saying thank you on a daily basis for the wonderful childhood I had and the happy memories I have. So today I thought I would share a list of some of our favourite sweets growing up, that again prove just how awesome the 90's truly were. :) 

Rainbow Drops

I remember walking to the corner shop and these being the sweets we always chose with our little bag of coins. They really don't taste of much but when you're a kid and you see all the colours and something called 'Rainbow drops' you want them in your life. They taste like little puffs of cereal and we loved them. Uh we need to hunt for them in the States now! Get in ma belly! :p

Choc Dips.

Hands up everyone who was addicted to these 'Choc dips' and who still squeals with delight when you see them in the shops!!!! Yes, we still do that. :p I remember these being something that our Mum would let us have. She knew we loved them and they weren't too messy and I guess being Italian you can't really say no to having little breadsticks for a snack! :) 

Milky Bar Chow

I'm pretty sure these came a little later in the 90's when Milky Bar were branching out and chocolate companies were mixing and experimenting will all sorts of yummy flavours and textures. But oh my gosh how scrumptious!! These were most definitely a favourite. The best white chocolate to us will always be the Milky bar, so this is just an even more delicious concoction, that melt in your mouth white chocolate with a chewy center. Yes please!. Mum was much more of a fan of us eating chocolate rather than sweets, so I remember being able to have these as a snack every now and again. 


There was a time, back in the day, that when we heard the ice cream van we didn't jump for joy at the thought of a yummy 99 with raspberry sauce and a Cadbury flake, like we do now, if you can believe that? Alas, we would hear the sweet song of a 'Teddy bears picnic' informing us the ice cream van would soon grace us, and we would race to beg Mum and Dad for a few pounds so we could purchase 'Zappers'. Yes Zappers. They were the sour bubblegum that we would happily chew for hours, our tongues turning all sorts of colours as we blew bubbles and played outside on our bikes or roller blades with our friends. I'd take the 99 these days, I'm not so much a huge fan of bubblegum anymore, but these sure do bring back awesome memories. I can almost taste them. 

As I mentioned above, our Mum wasn't a huge fan of us having sweets, she much preferred chocolate and I think to this day I am much more a chocolate person like her too, but every now and again I can't resist some Haribo cola bottles. Refreshers were my couldn't resist way back when. They were the sweet that I used to always want if we were having a school party or disco or when we got to buy a pick a mix at the Cavendish center on a Friday night. I loved the sherbet inside and they just tasted so good. I have to admit though that they could sometimes hurt your teeth. 

Jelly Tots.

Aaahhh Jelly Tots, the family favourite! We used to decorate our rich tea biscuits or cakes with these such treats. I think they were one of Mum's favourites too as I always remember them being in the house. They were soft and chewy that made them great for our little baby teeth and there was always enough in the packet that meant the four of us could share them.

Do you remember these sweets? What were/are your favourites? We would love to know in the comments below. Ooh and please share if you think of a good one we have missed. :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy 


  1. Ah the 90's sweets were the best! Sadly a lot of the good ones have been discontinued but you can still buy Rainbow Drops in the UK x


    1. They really were! :) Ooh we are so going to have to pick some up when we go back home! :) Thank you for reading! <3 xx

  2. My hands are raised as I was and still am addicted to Choc Dips! I thought I was the only one who still loved these so I'm glad that you do too! I've never really been into sweets, I've always been a chocolate man, so Choc Dips are perfect little snacks!! :) xx

    1. We love that you love them too! They really are so yummy and amazing! :) We are day dreaming about them now! :p xx

  3. This is amazing, my head is flooding back with all these memories. Jelly tots, refreshers, Choc Dips, bracelet beads, Frosties, rainbow drops and rainbow dust were all my favourite (yeah as a child I was addicted to sweets😳). Thank you for this blog post 😊 Xoxo


    1. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment and for reading! :) Ooh Frosties were so good too and we loved all the bracelets and necklaces! :) Ooh and gummi bears and drumsticks, the list could go on! :p xx

  4. This made me feel SO old but oh my god the throwback. The jelly tots, the choc dips, the REFRESHERS!!! Ahhh so cute! xx