Look Human Wish List!

Upon looking at my wardrobe the other day I thought to myself that I really needed a revamp and to possibly add a few more pieces to my closet that would maybe make me look a little more like a grown up. Then I went on Look Human and spotted these AWESOME shirts and immediately added them to my basket...whatcha gonna do? Surely every 28 year old sophisticated, mature, responsible, stylish woman has to have a 3 Ninja's tank top in her collection?! :) I mean, seriously how incredibly cool are the tops above!??

Kelly and I can spend hours on this website, it's like they know us oh so well. Today we complied a list of some of the clothing items that have made their way on to our wish list for the next time (soon) our wardrobes need a touch of awesomeness! If you are like us, we guarantee you will get addicted to this Site for all your fashion needs. We would love to know which ones are your favourites or what you would choose?
This jumper is life and pretty much how we feel on a daily basis! :p When you don't quite understand what's going on in the world or are having a moment of just not fitting in, we like to think that disappearing back into the magical world once home, makes everything alright! :)
This is simply Kelly and I to a T!!! :p That was one of our favourite things about The Gilmore Girls, we loved that they talked fast, it definitely made us feel that we are not alone! Plus we adore Rory and Lorelai, they have to be two of the most perfect characters ever.

Like we mentioned in our Take us back to the 90's, Movie Edition post, Sabrina was one of our absolute favourite things growing up. This tank top just made us laugh and we get a kick out of proudly showing off what our childhood was all about! :) 

We love our morning coffee and find this tank top too cute. Again have we mentioned how totally cool The Gilmore Girls are? :) We love nothing more than sitting down to catch up or read or write with our Harry Potter mugs filled with coffee, so this tank top is ideal for days where another cup is a must!

Click on the banner below to have a look at the Look Human site. You even get 10% of your first order for being a new customer! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day and let us know what your favourite item of clothing would be?

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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  1. I really need some 3 Ninjas shirts for the gym! They're so cool : D
    Steph x.

    1. Steph we love them! They give you all sorts of Ninja powers and strength at the gym too! ;p xxx