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I am so beyond happy that Jennifer Joyce got in touch with us about her new book "The Wedding Date" because I loved it, A LOT!! You can read my review here today so I won't ramble, but seriously you need to check it out! I already have her others books on my book list and couldn't wait to interview her to find out more about the person behind this fabulous and hilarious book I just read. She is awesome and also lives in Manchester! Yay for our home sweet home! Enjoy this interview and keep an eye out for Jennifer on lots of other blogs this week on her blog tour! :)

1) Your new book "The Wedding Date" is out now! I found it absolutely hilarious and enjoyed it from start to finish? Where did you get your inspiration for the story?

I’d been playing around with the character of Delilah for a while. I was busy working on another book but she wouldn’t leave me alone! To try to keep her a bit quieter, I set up a blog just for fun and posted quick snippets about Delilah, her family and friends and her co-workers. When it was time to write a new book, I knew I wanted to tell Delilah’s story and the basic ideas of the book came from the blog posts. It was definitely a fun way to brainstorm ideas!

2) In "The Wedding Date" Delilah James is on a mission to find a date for her friends wedding, so that she can prove to her ex that she is over him. If you could pick a dream wedding date, who would you pick and why?

I’d pick Paul Rudd (if my husband wasn’t available, obviously) as he seems like a laid-back, fun bloke. Plus, he’s hot. I first saw him in Clueless when I was a teenager a few (ahem) years ago and fancied the pants off him (and still do).

3) Delilah works at biscuit factory, Brinkley's and the biscuits they make sound delicious! What is your favourite Biscuit and which Brinkley's biscuit would you love to try?

Writing about biscuits was a real chore that needed lots of research. Luckily I was dedicated to the task and sampled many, many biscuits. It sounds a bit boring but plain digestives are my favourite because they’re the best for tea-dunking. Out of the Brinkley’s range, I’d love to try their new salted caramel shortbread.

4) Which part of the writing process do you enjoy the most? First ideas, writing, editing or receiving the final product?

I love the initial sparks as characters and scenarios present themselves, whether I’m actually sitting down to brainstorm or simply taking my mind off having to wash the dishes. I love creating characters and developing whole families and friendship groups and imagining how they would interact with each other.

5) What traditionally British dish could you not live without?

You can’t beat a full English breakfast with a good cup of tea.

6) You live in Manchester which is where we are from too! :) If you had to tell a tourist a great place they must visit while there, where would you tell them to go?

I’d tell them to visit the Christmas markets, especially the stalls set up at St Ann’s Square as you can buy giant chocolate-covered marshmallows that are AMAZING and have become a Christmas tradition for my family. Obviously this would only work during the last couple of months of the year…

7) What do you love most about the city of Manchester? We miss it a lot while in the states and have only just discovered some really cool places on recent trips back home!

I love history so I like that you can still see Manchester’s past when you walk around. Even though there are newer, modern buildings, a lot of older architecture is intact.

8) What place or country tops your must visit list?

Definitely New York. I’ve already been but I’d love to go back as it was amazing.

9) Who are some of your favourite authors?

I love Dorothy Koomson’s books. Her writing is gorgeous and full of vivid characters and emotion. I’m always itching to read her new books. I’d read her shopping list if she published it!
I’ve also loved the books by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice and Kirsty Greenwood recently and can’t wait to read more from them in the future.

10) What do you find most rewarding about being a writer?

Hearing that someone has enjoyed your book is the best feeling. It makes all the hard work worth it.

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Have a great Monday!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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