Interview with author Janice Preston!

While we were back home over Christmas, we were lucky enough to be invited (Thank you Holly Martin) to an author/blogger event. Having never been to one before, we were very excited about meeting so many inspiring, awesome people. We had such a wonderful time and happily chatted away all afternoon about one of the things we love most, books!! :)
While there we met Janice Preston and got to know more about her and her books, I told her how much my Mum and I love to read historical fiction, so added her to my must read list. A few weeks ago Janice got in  touch about her new book "Saved by Scandal's heir" which you can read my review on here! I'm so glad she did as I absolutely loved it. I was thrilled when Janice said yes to an interview, so here it is! Hope you enjoy it! :)

1) What is your favourite part about the writing process? Writing, editing, receiving the final copy? 
I actually prefer the editing process to writing. I cannot write a ‘messy’ first draft, no matter how many people advise it’s the best way. I edit as I go, but I do have to restrict myself, or I’d just keep editing and never finish the actual writing!

2) You write Regency romances for Harlequin Mills and Boon. What inspired you to write historical stories?
I love reading Regency romance, a love that began in my teens with Georgette Heyer, and it seemed natural to set my romances in that era (also see my answer to question 6)

3) To tie in with the last question. What is your favourite thing about writing historical fiction? What makes it stand out to modern day romances? 
My favourite thing about writing historical fiction is that I can daydream about heroes on horseback! Shallow but true. I’ve loved horses from a child, and I’ve loved watching period dramas and Westerns all my life. I just graduated from lusting after the horses to lusting after their riders! I wasn’t keen on history at school so I can only guess that my love of history grew out of that early obsession. And I do now love to find out how people used to live in their daily lives.
I do enjoy modern day romances, but what I prefer about writing historical romance is the slower pace of life and how the lack of instant communication and fast transport allows the plot to develop in a very different way. No need to invent mobile phone blackspots to keep the characters in the dark in Regency times. I also love the etiquette and fashions of the Regency era.

Janice's New Book out now!

4) What is your favourite book?
That’s too hard! It really does depend on my mood. One of my favourite authors is Kate Atkinson, I like all her books, particularly the Jackson Brodie titles. And of course I love Heyer and Austen. A book that has stayed with me over the years is The Stand by Stephen King.

5) Do you have a specific or cozy spot where you prefer to write and read in?
I write on my PC in my office, which is in our converted loft. I love the idea of a snug spot in which to curl up and read but in reality it’s usually in bed. I’m lucky if I can finish a chapter before I nod off!

6) You have had some very interesting jobs in the past, like police call handler, farming and university administrator. What gave you the motivation to just go for it and write?
Yes. I do like a bit of variety! In truth, I began to write after my children both went to university and I found I had more time on my hands (I was still on the farm then). I reread all Georgette Heyer (scouring the secondhand bookshops for them) then discovered contemporary authors writing in the genre. Some were brilliant – Heyer with added spice – and some… well… the fateful thought ‘I could do better than that’ floated into my brain, so I started writing. Of course, it was much harder than I imagined!

7) If you could pick anywhere in the world to visit, which country would you pick and why?
Another hard one. Out of the places I’ve never been, I’d love to go to Peru, specifically to Manchu Picchu.
I’d also love to return to Egypt. We sailed down the Nile a few years ago, and it was like stepping back in time. Just wonderful.

8)  We talk about food a lot on our blog, so we have to ask, what is your ultimate comfort food?
Chocolate, in any form J, or fresh-baked bread with proper butter.

9) Do you have a favourite sweet treat?
Chocolate again.

10) If you could choose one line from all of your stories that you think would be perfect for a canvas wall art. Which one would it be? 
Whoa! Another tough question to answer, albeit a brilliant one! I’ll give it a go even though I doubt I’ve ever written a phrase wise enough and succinct enough to be included on a canvas wall art.
Without re-reading all my books (something I never do, because I cannot silence my inner editor and I’m sure I’d find too much that could have been written better), all I could do was flick through my upcoming release, Saved by Scandal’s Heir.
I came up with the romantic –
‘You are the song in my heart’
but then a line of dialogue from Lord Stanton (who is a secondary character, but was also the hero from a previous novel, From Wallflower to Countess) caught my eye –

‘I will not have my wife upset’

A slightly tongue in cheek suggestion maybe, but a true hero is always protective of his woman :)

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Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.
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  1. I'm slightly late here in saying 'thank you very much' for interviewing me for your blog! My only excuse is that I got sidetracked by your lovely review! Thank you x

  2. Interesting post! 'You are the song in my heart' is definitely a romantic quote!