Festa Italiana!

This past weekend we headed to Ybor, Florida for Festa Italiana. We were there to promote a magazine subscription called The Highlife Magazine, which you can check out here. On Saturday we joined Team THL Magazine in the game of Bocce Ball, an Italian game similar to that of bowling on the greens in England. It was the first time we ever played it, but after a pep talk from our Nanna and tips on how to play it, well, kind of tips, she just sounded so cute and in reply to our "How do you play it?"question, she simply said "Yes, you play Bocce." Thanks Nanna, that's all the advice we needed, no overthinking, no worries, we just played and it turns out we were pretty good. Our team came 6th out of 40 plus teams!! It was awesome to be surrounded by so many Italians and authentic Italian vendors and I think Kelly and I may have found our calling in life and next job venture...Professional Bocce Ball players! :p

Sunday was the bigger event, with over 40 different food vendors set up, a stage for musicians, raffles and a procession. Again, it was the most wonderful thing for Kelly and I to be surrounded by all things Italian and to soak in Italian culture. When the band started playing 'Volare' you can bet we jumped up as giddy as can be and sent a video to our little sister immediately. :)

Here are some of the pictures we captured from a sunshine filled weekend, enjoying the best food in the world and spending every second thinking of our family and how blessed we are. 

Up and down the streets all you could see were these bold signs advertising the most scrumptious food. From meatball subs, aubergine fries, cannoli and zeppole, to Italian cookies, Italian ice and la ceperia's, the smell in the air was pure heaven. 

Playing Bocce ball. This was such a fun game. We were in teams of four, with two members of each team on opposite sides. You start by throwing the small white ball, the Pallini, down the green, it has to go over half way, and then you have four shots at getting the bigger balls as close to that one as possible, with each team taking turns. It's definitely harder than it looks but we had a blast and did really well. 

They had a tent set up for grape squashing. This made us smile as we used to do this with our Grandad all the time when we were kids, that was until we were old enough to start using the machine he had to make wine. His garage was always full of bottles of wine fermenting. :)

Me being super excited that they had fresh Zeppole. Zeppole are like little donuts dusted in powdered sugar. These ones were really good but not quite as yummy as Grandads! :) 

Kelly fancied trying some Italian ice, as they had quite a few vendors there and every time we saw someone with it, it looked awesome. Our must try flavours...Cherry and Lemon of course. We grew up eating gallons of Italian Lemon sorbet and it's still one of our favourites to this day, we adore anything and everything lemon. This lemon Italian ice did not disappoint, my goodness was it delicious. It was smooth, rich, fresh and so full of flavor, same goes for the cherry one too, definitely glad we picked those two.

These aprons had us laughing out loud, they are perfect. We were so tempted to get the "Mangia E Statti Zitto" one for our little sister. In Italian that means "Eat and shut up." It would be welcome in our house for when we are trying to get our Nanna to eat, sit down and stop worrying about everyone else! We sure do love her! :) 

These flowers and the Virgin Mary made us think of Nanna, so naturally we had to take a picture to show her. She loves flowers and she would have thought this statue was beautiful! :)

We hope you enjoyed seeing our weekend in pictures. I know we talk about all things Italian a whole lot but we simply can't help it! Let us know what family traditions you have or what food you grew up making with your Grandparents in the comments below! :)

Have a lovely day.
Love Lucy xx


  1. This looks like such a fun filled event! Your blog is so pretty :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

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