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A few weeks back I was reading Lindsey Kelk's 'A Girl's Best Friend' and I started thinking about how much I would love her books to be turned into movies. It just so happened the very next day Lindsey tweeted asking who us, dear reader folk, thought should play certain characters from her books if they were to hit the big screen. Great minds think a like! ;p This got me thinking about some of my favourite books and that if I had creative control over turning them into movies, who I would cast as my leading Men and Women. Hollywood...if you ever need some ideas and want to turn these delightful reads into box office hits, you know where to find us!!! :)

Casting director: Lucy
Book: Lindsey Kelk's I heart New York!


Britt Robertson as Angela.

I love Britt Robertson and think she could play every part of how I envision Angela. From the frazzled and insecure Angela we meet at the beginning who's just found her boyfriend cheating on her, to the little lost and finding her way Angela that falls in love with New York, to the sophisticated, fashionable Angela she becomes throughout the series. Ooh and I think she would be adorable next to a rock star like Alex. :)

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Alex.

Aaron Johnson is simply one of my favourites. I've loved him since 'Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging' and my love has never faltered. I think he would be absolute perfection as sweet, lovable and very sexy band member Alex, especially with his curly hair. Just look at that face!!! :)

Jennifer Lawrence as Jenny.

I think Jennifer Lawrence would bring the right amount of sass and fun to the role of confident, outgoing and often hilarious Jenny. I would be super excited to see the outfits Jennifer Lawrence would pull off and her guide to kicking ass when you are getting over a break up and just jumped on a plane across the world. I think just like Jenny, Jennifer Lawrence would take New York by storm! :)

Casting director: Lucy
Book: Hilary Duff's 'Elixir' series.


Hilary Duff as Clea.

So it might seem a little unimaginative to put Hilary Duff as the lead role in the books she wrote, but I can't help it. When I read the Elixir series I could just see her as Clea. Though I know Hilary is older now, I do feel she could play 18 year old Clea well and maybe give her more dimension and charm. Maybe she could interpret her in a slightly different way from the book. Clea is adventurous, curious, has a fierce determination and is a complete romantic, I think Hilary Duff would play the role wonderfully.

Chloe Moretz as Rayna.

I feel like I'm making the characters in these books a little older in the film but I honestly feel like it would work. Chloe Moretz is amazing and can pretty much play every type of role with ease and awesomeness, I love her. So I thought it would be fun for her to play Clea's best friend. She's quite a happy and bouncy kind of girl but then has to deal with heartbreak and loss of love in the series. I think Chloe would just make her come to life. I also think it would be awesome to see Hilary and Chloe act a long side each other. :)

Alex Pettyfer as Ben.

For one I think Alex and Hilary Duff would be so cute on screen together, I feel they would have chemistry playing best friends. I think Alex would play the protective and smart best friend really well and that he would be super endearing. Is it just me or doesn't he just have that gorgeous, 'I'll look after you' look to him? Dreamy!!! :)

Logan Lerman as Sage.

I don't know much about Logan Lerman but when looking up pictures of young actors, I was drawn to him. I was trying to find someone unique and someone that could pull off a character like Sage who has been through it all. He has to be kind of other worldly and mature, with a very grown up, knowledgeable demeanor, yet at the same time be handsome and charming. Logan looks like he would be perfect! I'm rather liking my cast for this one. I think they would make for a gorgeous and kick ass bunch to watch! :)  

Casting director: Kelly
Book: Beneath the moon and stars by Holly Martin (Amelia Thorne)


Emma Stone as Joy

Joy has both an extremely kick ass side but also a sweet side and I can picture Emma Stone getting both of these sides spot on if she was to play her. She's bad ass but can also play emotional roles and Joy has to deal with a lot in this story.

Matthew Bomer as Casey

OK, Matthew Bomer would be perfect as Casey, they are both gorgeous and I think he would play the loyal best friend really well. I feel like he would really make you believe in the character with a mixture of emotion and humour.

Luke Bracey as Finn

I adored Finn in this book and at first couldn't think of an actor that would match who I had in my head. Then randomly I thought of Luke Bracey after seeing him in "The Best of me" and another movie I can't remember. He's got the ruggedly good looking element down to a fine art and I can imagine him being grumpy yet having a sensitive side too...I mean has anyone else seen "The Best of me"?? I cried darn it!!!

Casting director: Kelly
Book: The Wedding Date by Jennifer Joyce


Chloe Moretz as Delilah


This book was hilarious. I loved Delilah's wit and bubbly personality and after seeing the "Neighbours 2" trailer thought Chloe Moretz would pull her off really well. She's cute, can be sensitive but also has that independent, funny side to her.

Emma Watson as Lauren

I adore Emma Watson, she is one of my absolute favourite people. I didn't immediately think of her but upon looking at google images (seriously how absolutely stunning is Emma?) I slowly started to picture her playing Delilah's pretty, lawyer best friend. She would have the smart and sophisticated down to a tee but I can also see her being fun when she's pretending to workout at the gym and joining in with the pub quiz!

Scott Eastwood as Ryan

I really struggled thinking of someone for the guys in this story. Isn't it funny how when you read a book you think you have an image of the person you are reading about perfectly but then when it comes down to finding the exact person you realize they are in your head? Is this just me? Some characters are easier than others I guess. After much debating though I "settled" for Scott Eastwood to play Delilah and Lauren's best friend. I feel he would make a great handsome, muscly, P.E teacher who can be cocky but also make fun of himself! 

Sam Claflin as Adam

Like I said above, I got stuck with the guys, however I think this would work and am happy with my choice. I picture Sam Claflin being great at the work banter with Delilah, he looks great dressed for business and I think he has a sweetness about him perfect for loving his nephews and baking biscuit themed cakes! :)

I must state that as I got to the end of mine I realized that for two wonderfully British books, I have cast mostly Americans!! I totally didn't do that on purpose, I was just looking up who I felt would be fun and would fit the role in my head. I also don't seem to know that many British actors and actresses!!! *smacks hand!* 

Now it's your turn!! We challenge you to think of your favourite books and 'Cast your characters'! Ooh but if you've read these books and have other actors and actresses in your minds who you think would be perfect, we would absolutely love to know! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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