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Today we are joined by the wonderful Fiona Collins, whose book "A Year of Being Single" is out NOW! We absolutely fell in love with this book but aren't going to give too much away today as we can't wait to share our review with you tomorrow over on Books are always in style! :) For now we have an interview with Fiona, which is equally as funny and lovely as her awesome book. We can definitely see her quickly becoming one of our favourite authors! :) Enjoy!

1) Your debut novel "A Year of Being Single" is out now! How does it feel to have your book published?

It feels fantastic, thrilling and nerve-racking. I can’t think about much else - my children are lucky I’m remembering to pick them up from school!

2) "A year of Being Single" is about 3 women who swear off men for a year. You are married with children but what would you say is the best thing about life on the other side?

I haven’t been single for many years, but I do remember enjoying my own space and that feeling of freedom to come and go as I pleased. You’re not emotionally attached to anyone, so your happiness is your own responsibility and not in the hands of someone else. You don’t have to worry about game playing – that’s another really great thing about being single. Plus having control of the remote, going to bed when you like, and eating nothing but Pringles and shortbread all day long without anyone caring (yes, I have done this).

3) We recently did a post about taking a moment to appreciate what our husbands do rather than focusing on the things they sometimes don't. However, for a moment of women bonding, if you will, what would you say is sometimes the most difficult/frustrating or even funny thing about living with a man?

Ah, I have a lovely husband, but he is a man and they do have their quirks! In his case, I would say it’s not ‘seeing’ mess, although this can be to my advantage - if I neglect to do the housework, he often doesn’t notice! What else? Football. The strange things men want to watch on telly (Aircraft Investigation on Death Row Inside World War 2 Camp Whilst Finding out How Drill Bits Are Made, anyone?). Pot Noodles. Random black socks living at the bottom of the bed.

4) In saying that, what is the best thing about being married/with a partner?

The socks aside, getting into bed with the person you love at the end of every day – that’s really nice. Having someone to talk to, even if they don’t always listen - sometimes pretending to is enough! Feeling you are not on your own, that you’re in this together. My husband also makes a mean smoothie and does the gardening, which is fantastic as I hate it, but I do enjoy following him around with a basket and handing him things… 

5) What is your favourite book and who are some of your favourite authors?

A book I keep coming back to time and time again is Playing Away by Adele Parks. I love the writing, the story, the roller coaster of emotions. To me, it’s a perfect book. 
I also adore Marian Keyes, Jane Fallon and Helen Fielding and really enjoy Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series. 

6) What do you like to do when you are not busy writing?

Reading. Watching telly with my kids. Sleeping. Eating chocolate. (Oh hang on, I do that while I am writing…)

7) What do you love most about being an author?

Writing, freedom and being close to the fridge.

8) What part of the writing a book process do you like most? Those first creative ideas, the writing, the editing or receiving the final copy?

I think it’s the editing. Everything’s down on paper, the story has its shape, the word count has been reached, now I can start to write my book ‘properly’… I absolutely love that stage: pure happiness!
9) If you were to go on a girlie holiday, no men allowed, what would be your ideal destination?

Every now and then I meet my old university friends in London for shopping, dinner and cocktails – so I’d like an extended version of that and I’d choose Hong Kong. I lived there for a while, in the 90s, and it has everything: fabulous shopping, amazing nightlife and a million restaurants. We’d spend a week there then hop over to Thailand for a week lying on the beach. Money no object, obviously!

10) You’re having a girlie night in with your girlfriends, what movie do you watch?

It’s got to be Sex and City – the first movie, although the second would do, or any episode whatsoever of the TV series… We would accompany this feature-length fabulousness with wine and chocolate and ban my husband from coming into the room and making comments about Samantha!

 Isn't she lovely?! :)
You can follow Fiona on twitter @FionaJaneBooks
You can and must find "A Year of Being Single" here!
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