Wrestling Part Two: A league of their own!

We look back on our wrestling careers often and fondly. We love reminiscing about all the awesome stuff that we got to do and like to stop and say thank you for the amazing opportunities we had. Some experiences, like the one we are about to share with you today, still seem pretty unbelievable and we have a hard time believing we really, actually got to do it. This is one of our favourite stories, extracted from our book, that we love to share and that gives us incredibly goofy grins. Oh and before we begin, to everyone running the show/behind the scenes at A League of Their Own, you are all awesome, we had an absolute blast, it was an experience of a lifetime for us and we are forever grateful. Ooh and if you ever need wrestlers again...we're available!!! :p 

A league of their own!

Of all the cool things we got to do in our nine years of wrestling this next memory would definitely be in the top three. For you fine English folks reading this, you will most likely have heard of a show called "A league of their own". For the British folks who haven't, and for everyone else who may have not watched it before, it is a sports quiz show hosted by actor/comedian James Corden, of Gavin and Stacey/The late, late, late show fame. Two teams answer various sports related questions and take part in sporting activities to earn points. It is a hilarious show, one that we watched all the time with our Dad and younger sister growing up and one that we try to catch whenever we pop across the pond, which makes this story all the more awesome and surreal. One day while home, we were sat watching "A league of their own" with our little sister (we kid you not) when we got an email from wrestling promoter (Dann Read) asking if we would be interested in meeting up with the producers of "A league of their own", as they were interested in using female wrestlers for one of their sporting challenges. Once the screaming, running round the house shouting to the rest of our family and jumping up and down with glee had subsided, we replied with a resounding YES!

Meeting the producers went well, we showed them a little bit of what we could do in the ring and gave them more insight into how the challenge could work with what we do. They were very happy and a few weeks later we got another email inviting us to London for a rehearsal!
We had an absolute blast meeting more of the men and women who put the show we loved together, including the runners, who very bravely allowed us to demonstrate what moves we may hit our opponents with on them. Everything was set in place, all that was left was returning in a few weeks for the live show itself. Eeeek! 

Now on the show every week, the teams each have two regular guests and one special guest, upon our return we had no idea who would be appearing on the show but none the less we were excited at the prospect of meeting James Corden, Jamie Redknapp, Jack Whitehall, Freddie Flintoff and Jimmy Carr. These are amongst your usual regulars. We arrived at the building with our dad and sister in tow, said our hellos, sat down and waited for instructions on what to do and when. Then all of a sudden on one of the big screens a video starts playing with highlights of one particular lady from the Olympic games...Jessica Ennis, we couldn't believe it, not only were we going to be appearing on one of our favourite shows but we were going to be on it with a lady that we had spent all summer rallying behind in the London Olympics. Talk about a dream come true.

*Kelly - to add a little more perspective on how big of a deal and how serial this experience was for us, I will tell you this little story, a few months before the Olympics had started, Jessica Ennis was on "A league of their own" not as part of a team but as part of the sporting challenge, the team members had to go up against her in a hurdle challenge. As I watched John Bishop attempt to out hurdle a future Olympian, I remember thinking about how cool it would be to be on the show and was sat thinking of how it could be done with wrestling. It was one of those thoughts that gets stored away in the ‘As if that will ever happen/how could I make that happen’ part of my brain...so the fact that it was actually happening, well, it was pretty freaking amazing!

Anyhow where were we, yes so now we knew Jessica Ennis would be on the show and we run through what we are going to do a few times with our opponents, then go to a dressing room to get ready. On a side note, in wrestling there is a common nightmare that wrestlers have of not being ready when your music starts playing, you're still tying your boots and you are nowhere near the entrance ramp and you hear it, well in all of our nine years of wrestling, that never happened once, but low and behold when we are on one of the biggest shows on TV, getting ready for a once in a life time opportunity we get a knock at the door saying we are needed as we each have one boot on and are curling our hair...nice!! That’s showbiz we guess, we had been told to be ready for 4pm and they suddenly needed us at 2pm. We were needed to do a run through with James Corden as he wanted to go through questions he may ask and see how it was all going to play out. He was so nice and this was good for us so we were prepared for what he would want us to do during the show later, keep that in mind. 

Once the show had begun, we sat in the green room and waited for someone to come and get us when it was time to take our positions in the ring for the big reveal. We can’t even begin to explain how nervous we were, but we were excited too. We watched the show and laughed like we would at home. It was such an incredible feeling, knowing that our Dad and Jen were in the crowd watching one of their favourite shows live because of us, although they were probably more nervous than us! Even though there aren't many questions on the show it can be 3 hours long because of the jokes and stories the celebrities tell. They are all so good at what they do and are having a laugh with each other that it goes on for quite a while. We sat and waited, laughed at everything and went to the loo a million times, then we were up, it was our turn. We took our places on the top ropes and waited for the screen to go up before jumping off with dropkicks and cross bodies, making the big reveal. It's hard to put into words the adrenaline coursing through us. We had to get it right as there was to be only one big reveal to get that reaction from the audience. It was terrifying yet wow, just wow! It went perfect! :) 

Then came the part for James Corden to introduce us and ask his questions...remember when we said it was good that we got to rehearse with him so we were prepared...yeah...well we weren't prepared for when he asked what our finishing move was and if we could do it on him, but what could we say.. no?? We don't think so! So over comes James Corden, who once in the ring also decides that he wants to give us a double clothesline...again not going to say no...The fact that we can say a career highlight of ours is getting clotheslined by James corden on national telly, is pretty freakin cool. He was great about it though and also took our finish like a champ, we got high fives and then it was to the task in hand. We got to wrestle comedian Mickey Flanagan who was very sweet but a little nervous, for those of you thinking wrestling is fake, you may want to ask him how it felt! The challenge was a success and once we did our bit we left Jack Whitehall in the lovely hands of "Alpha Female"

At the end of the evening we got to say hello to everyone and even take pictures with a few of them. It was an amazing (running out of adjectives) experience and opportunity, one that never fails to make us smile and want to pinch ourselves. Another awesome thing about it was seeing our Dad and little sister so proud and excited, they have followed, supported and driven us everywhere for wrestling and we don’t know what we could ever do to repay them, but getting to bring them along to things like this sure is a fun way to say thank you.

There you have it our 'A League of Their Own' story as we like to call it! :) Again we can't thank Dann Read and everyone at A League of Their Own enough for this fantastic opportunity, it truly was a dream come true for us, one that we will treasure forever. :) 

Have an awesome Friday! 

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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