Where were you in 62?

We're always going to have those movies that become instant classics. Movies that are passed down through generations, movies that if you are one of the rare people that haven't seen them,will get funny looks from the people who have. Movies like, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dirty Dancing, The Godfather, The Breakfast Club and Grease are some that come to mind. Even if you haven't seen some of those, you have most likely heard of them. One particular cult classic that is one of my favourites, is George Lucas's second film, American Graffiti.

Made in 1972, the film is actually set in 1962, in Modesto California and follows the lives of a group of kids as they spend their last night together, after recently graduating High school, picking up girls, hanging out outside "Mel's Diner," cruising around town till the early hours of the morning and figuring out what they want to do with their futures. It's teenage life in the 60's and is amazing to see what kids did back then. My Dad even admitted to pulling pranks similar to the ones John Milner (Paul Le Mat) and Carol Morrison (Mackenzie Phillips) pulled while stopped at a set of traffic lights. In this scene they are hit with water balloons that are thrown through the window of Milner's Deuce Coupe by a bunch of kids in a Cadillac, immediately John and Carol jump out of the Deuce Coupe and proceed to let the air out of the Cadillac's tires and spray shaving cream all over it!!! You did what Dad??! :)

The movie was received with critical acclaim and is a definite must see. It is a coming of age movie for teens, and a Car Enthusiasts dream. It has influenced many people to recreate or buy their own Cars from the movie. There's the bright yellow 32 Deuce Coupe, the white 58 Impala, the 56 T-Bird and my favourite The 55 Chevy...like father like daughter...

The 55 Chevy from the movie. Photo credit: moviegoods.com.

Back in 1977, Dad bought a 1963 Humber because it looked like the 1955 black Chevy, driven by Harrison Ford in the movie. The Chevy was way too expensive for a 21 year old at the time, so he bought the Humber and used it as a daily drive, until he had a company car to drive around in. In the late 70's/Early 80's  Dad was a member of the Rainy City Cruisers, a custom/classic car club that would cruise around Manchester every Friday night.

When Dad first bought the Humber. This photo was taken around 77-78.

This was the first car Dad restored himself, changing it to add well, more power and to also look and sound more like the 55 Chevy that he loved. He took out the old straight 6 engine and fitted it with a 327 Chevy V8 engine. He also added a turbo 400 gearbox and a Jaguar back axle. Pretty neat huh?

A photo from a Car Show last year. Dad even added a Hood Scoop to make it more like the one in American Graffiti. 

We just recently watched the movie with him again and enjoyed hearing Dad's stories and also singing along to the famous soundtrack. We probably knew the American Graffiti soundtrack before we even bought our first album! It has influenced our taste in music as well as helped us appreciate Dad's love of cars as well as his home decorating style...

The collection is nearly complete on his TV stand. He only recently got the Impala.

If you haven't seen the movie then please give it a watch. If you have and you have a favourite car or even know someone who owns one of the Cars or kitted one themselves to look like one in the movie, let us know too, we would love to hear about them! :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.
Love Kelly

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