Top 5: Fitness inspirations.

I've always admired bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes and for the past few months I feel it's become my obsession to achieve my body goals. Now, you have to understand that I am all about loving your body, being happy in your own skin and that people are beautiful all different shapes and sizes. I encourage you to love yourself and do you! :) Recently though, I have felt very inspired to challenge and push myself like never before. For me, I love working out and I dream of being a leaner, stronger version of myself, so I've thrown doubts and negative thoughts out the window and am determined at 28 years old to work on my focus, my mind, my will power and self control! :) Here I have a list of my top 5 inspirations who are keeping me motivated! :)

Carly Rowena
I absolutely adore Carly. She is one of my favourite people to watch on YouTube. Her bubbly, sweet personality always makes me smile. My favourite thing about Carly is the fact that she focuses on balance. She doesn't tell you not to have treats or that you can never eat certain foods again, she's all about eating well and healthy while sticking to great workouts. She is incredibly motivating and just lovely and I feel she has such a way of lifting others up and making every goal seem reachable. She has easy to follow recipes and exercise routines and just makes the whole gym life and healthy eating so much more fun. :) 

Chris Knott
This guy is honest, caring, kind and truly sees the best in everyone. He wants everyone to succeed and will be there every step of the way. He motivates me every single day through his words of wisdom and actions. Chris is constantly striving to learn and gain knowledge in the world of fitness and I couldn't be more proud. His training tips and advice have helped me so much over the past few years and I love that he's all about having fun, teaching people a happy balance and encouraging others to be the best them that they can be. :) In addition, his posts and pictures always carry an element of humor in them, I simply love the way he writes, it definitely helps to keep you inspired.

Nikki Blacketter
I came across Nikki a few weeks ago and I adore her. She comes across so incredibly down to earth and sweet that I love watching her videos and listening to her advice. She is so cute, fun and real when she speaks and it makes me feel like I can achieve anything. Also, I love that she often shows you the hard parts and the struggle when she's working out. She doesn't always breeze through gym sessions without looks of pain, acting like it's the easiest thing in the world, and I feel like that is so encouraging to others. It has really helped motivate me to get past the burn and keep going. I think she's wonderful and just awesome! :)

Ashley Nocera
I recently came across Ashley and I adore her positive, encouraging personality. Ashley is an extremely sweet, kind hearted and happy person and her video's always make me smile and lift me up. I love the way she wants to empower others to do what makes them happy, live the life they want and be confident in their own skin. She truly kicks ass and she also happens to be Italian! Yay! :) 

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
He's THE ROCK!!!!! Really do I need to say anymore?!!! :p I love this man! I love his personality, his heart, his work ethic, his focus, his smile, his attitude, just every single thing about him. I look at him and I immediately want to be a better person. I want to wake up each day and make a difference. He truly is an inspiration and a role model.

Do you have people in the fitness world that you admire? I hope you check out the people mentioned above and that they are able to inspire you to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself too! :)

Happy Monday!
Love Lucy xx


  1. I love The Rock! Every time I see him on Instagram he's being super sweet. I must check these YouTubers!
    Steph x.

    1. Oh my goodness Steph I know!! He seems to get more and more awesome with each passing day! :) I think you would really like the Youtubers and enjoy Chris' facebook page! :) xx

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