Take us back to the 90's: Movie edition!

Childhood for us was an absolute blast. We often laugh about being rather sheltered growing up and how we were the Queens of innocence. Our parents encouraged our imagination and all we needed was our Superman capes and a back garden to be happy. Naturally, we grew up with our crushes and showing a little interest in boys, but in all honestly, we were much more interested in who out of the four of us got to play with Thunderbird 2. That's just how we rolled. Having recently watched one of our die hard favourite movies from when we were younger, we thought we would share with you our childhood movie must watches, that made a huge impact on our lives. :)

3 Ninjas.

This would be the movie that we recently just watched and let me tell you, we could recite it word for word. It was seriously just as awesome watching it at 28 years old, as it was at 10. As for when we were kids, I feel obsessed would be an understatement when it comes to this one. You couldn't stop us talking about Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum and you know for sure we were jumping off couches, sneaking around the house and pretending we were ninjas. Do you remember the scene where the boys are hanging out in their bedroom and the red buzzer goes off informing them their Mum is coming? Yes? so they all rush to switch the lights off and get in to bed? Still with me? Then Colt jumps from the mini trampoline onto the top bunk? Got it? Well our most favourite thing to do was imitate this by jumping from my single bed onto Kelly's top bunk...therefore we were ninja's...and so very cool! :p Everything about this movie is pure awesomeness. The kids were kids, it dealt with bully's, getting upset with your parents, spending time with your Grandparents and learning how to look after yourself. Granted I'm not condoning kids trying to beat up kidnappers and such, well actually if you can 'MERTILIZE 'em' it would probably be a good thing knowing how to keep yourself safe. It just had it all. Oh and of course the line 'Rocky loves Emily.' has never left us and to this day, for whatever reason and whenever is feels right we will happily sing it to each other or ourselves. Oh, last thing, we also had huge crushes on Colt!!! Didn't everyone???

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

What to say, what to say?? The Power Rangers ROCKED!! I was the yellow ranger, Lucy was the pink ranger and our brother started off as Jason the red ranger until Tommy, the green ranger, came along and was just that bit cooler. Our little sister was a bit too young to join in and fully understand our love for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at this point, but she did on occasion sit and watch it with us. We were fanatical. When this movie came out, we were actually in New York and begged our parents to take us to see it. We were beyond excited! Similar to The 3 Ninja's, the rangers had us play fighting, running around our back garden, wishing we could back flip and fight off bad guys. It was just fun, you had your classic good guys and your dastardly bad guys, as well as creepy and silly characters! It's changed a lot over the years but we still say our Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, circa 1995, were the best! :) 

Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" was probably our absolute favourite show growing up. It's hard to fully commit to that statement because pinterest will show me clips of shows I'd forgotten about and I will be like "Oh my goodness, that was our favourite ever..." you know how it goes! In saying that though, Sabrina really was the best! To me, the movie has a completely different feel to the actual show and every time I watch it, the outfits, the makeup and the whole look of it just takes me back to a very specific time. The movie had an almost spooky sense to it that I can't quite fully explain but it was just so strange and wonderful. If you know what I mean please leave a comment so I don't seem crazy! :p Our love of Sabrina didn't just involve watching the movie and shows though...come on now, this is us we are talking about! We dreamed that our hoover (vacuum) could magically fly. When we moved house the drawings we did of our new bedrooms included portals to the other realm hidden behind closets, naturally. We can't say Friday without thinking of Fridga, thank you Salem. And any time someone says fire, "Muhfire" (spelt how you say it) immediately pops into our heads, again thank you Salem. We loved Melissa Joan Hart and still do, it makes us so happy seeing her successful with new ventures, as well as TV shows like Melissa and Joey. She is awesome, definitely someone who brings back lots of wonderful memories!

To Grandmothers house we go, Double Trouble, Boil and Bubble and It takes two!

Of course we have Mary Kate and Ashley movies in this list! We watched absolutely everything they did. Every straight to TV movie, every TV show, we loved them all. However, three of our favourites, and the ones we watched the most, are the ones stated above. We would often watch these movies and decide who was who out of the both of us, like which roles we would play. We also liked to act out the scene where they bump into each other in the woods in 'It takes two." We learnt the lines word for word and even imitated the accents they did in the movie! Oh and a BIG thing from said movie is when Mary Kate's character is asked to play the piano and gives a little speech. She say's a line about her soon to be step mum whom she "Absolutely adores!!" Even at 28, there are times when we can't say the word 'Absolutely' without saying it the same way she does! Hands up if you do this too!!! Mary Kate and Ashley were huge influences on us growing up and we still have tons of admiration for them both. We are also quite proud of the fact that we can always, no matter what, tell them apart. They don't actually look that alike but it irks us when magazines get them wrong!  

So that's it for our list of must see childhood classics, there are probably tons more but these just stand out to us the most. We love that back then these kids movies were all about being kids, being silly, adventurous and being outside and using your imagination. They make us smile and feel happy and content with our childhood, we wouldn't have had it any other way! :)

Let us know some of your favourites and any that you think we missed! 

Love Lucy and Kelly

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  1. Yes to all! These were some big favorites for me growing up too : ) I still remember watching 3 Ninjas with my brother and running around pretending to be Power Rangers (I think I was the yellow one?)I was OBSESSED with Sabrina too! I watched that show everyday because I loved magic so much. Loved this post!!
    Steph x.