Philosophy Wishlist!

About a year and half to two years ago I was watching one of Jaclyn Hill's videos when she talked about a body cream from by the name of 'Fresh Cream', I was on the hunt for a moisturizing body lotion that I would like the smell of and that would really do it's job in making my skin feel soft and smooth and 100% moisturized, so I thought I would run a long to Sephora and check out what all the fuss was about. After simply picking up the tester from the shelf, opening the lid and smelling it, I was hooked. My goodness, did it smell amazing. I could not wait to go home and lather myself in it. I want to say it has been about a year and a half now and I have gone through 3 bottles of this stuff. It is divine. Every single time I put it on it always surprises me and makes me obsess over it all over again. Literally, every day, I'm like "Oh my goodness, I just want to eat it, how good does this smell?" :p It has to be my favourite moisturizer ever. Needless to say when I found that they did it in a spray fragrance I got super excited. My husband has bought me a bottle of the fragrance the past two Christmas's and I'm obsessed to say the least. It is perfect, if like me, you love that sweet candy scent that is fresh, elegant and not at all sickly and over the top, as you can often find. With Philosophy quickly becoming one of my favourite brands, I thought today I would share my Philosophy Wish List with you. If you haven't tried the 'Fresh Cream' fragrance and lotion you absolutely must, but if you have purchased some of the things on my wish list before, I'd love to know your thoughts and recommendations too! :)
fresh cream hand wash & fresh cream hand lotion,fresh cream hand care

This set looks amazing. I already love the body lotion but wasn't aware that they did a hand cream too. Hand creams are a must for me, I like to keep them on my bedside table so I remember to put them on at night. Dry hands are no fun and if it's anything like the body lotion and I get to wake up to smooth, fresh moisturized hands...add to cart!! :p

body spritz,fresh cream
This I would carry around in my gym bag for those moments when I'm feeling rather sweaty and in need of a freshen up. The scent instantly makes you feel feminine. It's also great if you don't want to splurge on the fragrance right away.  

shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath,fresh cream
Oh my gosh, I would never get out of the bath!!! :p Seriously!! I have been wanting to purchase this for ages but just haven't got round to it. I think this would be lovely for bubble baths and relaxing, whilst filling the bathroom with the most delicious scent. 

 Have you tried any of these products? Let us know in the comments below! :)
Have a beautiful day!
Love Lucy

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  1. I've never owned the fresh cream scent, but I've smelled it in stores and it smells AMAZING!! I love their body washes :)

    Greetings from America,
    Edye //

    1. Aww I know!! It is just the perfect amount of sweet! It's delicious! Ooh we will have to try some of there other ones! :) xx

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