Monday Motivation: Working on myself!

Growing up I was always very shy and anxious when it came to trying new things, going to new places and doing something that I had never done before. I'm naturally an over thinker and about 50 million thoughts would go through my head before doing any of those things mentioned above. It would be like a battle going on in my brain, all the positive things vs. all the negative things, how things could go awesome vs. how things could go terribly wrong. Looking back I'm proud of myself with how far I got in wrestling, as though I had many of those thoughts daily, somehow I pushed through and achieved many a dream I had in my head. I feel the love that I had for what I was doing, no matter how nervous and scared I was, always managed to win, and for that I am grateful, but it's not the destination and achievements that is most important, it's the journey along the way.

Recently having gone through a huge life change, (leaving our lovely jobs in Louisville, spending two months in England to then return to the USA to move States, and completely turning our routine upside down) and having to somewhat start a fresh, my brain is back to doing somersaults. Of course I've always known that this is just who I am, but this past week I really found myself getting extremely down about it. One big reason this has come to light is because of job hunting, yes job hunting. It is absolutely terrible trying to find a job when all your brain wants to do is tell you the things you wouldn't be any good at. Getting the confidence to ring up or walk in to a place is simply terrifying when you think your dressed wrong or don't look the part. Even when it comes to working on this blog or my book, I have moments of utter "I suck at everything" and ladies and gentlemen at 28 years of age I realize it has to stop.

Now when I set goals for myself, deep down in the back of my mind and in my heart, I absolutely know that I'm going to achieve them, because I want to. I think the passion I have when I have a dream will always shine through and be there to help me. But, in writing this today, and sharing this with those of you who may deal with this too, I wanted to be able to work on how we can mentally change our frame of mind to not have to go through all these upsetting and anxious thoughts. We believe in ourselves, we know we are going to make it, but how can we make our mind get rid of the negatives that wants to creep in along the way?

My husband introduced me to this. When I am having moments where my brain just wants to churn out a million obstacles, he will get me to pause, lay down, put some calming music on and breathe. At first I would lie there, thoughts swimming around like crazy, but over time I've learnt to escape to a happy place while breathing. I'm still working on it but feel a lot better for it.

Surrounding yourself with positivity!
In my office I have a picture of Macho Man and a poster of Chuck, I like to look at them when I get writers block or start to get down on myself. They inspire me and simply put a smile on my face. I also love to read quotes and occasionally just allow myself to go on a Pinterest spree and search for them. It might sound silly but when you find a quote that resonates with you it can really motivate you and lift your spirits. I also like that by simply coming across a quote you like, you know someone out there has felt, or is feeling, the same and you don't feel so alone.
Put your positive pants on!
If I'm having bad day, overthinking leaving the house or worried about meeting someone, I sometimes find it helpful to wear an item of clothing that I truly feel 100% me in. If I'm trying to dress a certain way because I'm worried I don't look 28,  I end up saying sack it and throwing caution to the wind and wearing my favourite Thor tshirt. Of course if it is a job interview and you have to wear something a little out of your comfort zone, try wearing a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or even a watch that you love, that comforts you and gives you a little confidence boost!

This is a big one and one that my husband try's his best to help me with from day to day. The minute the words "But.." or "What if..." leave my mouth, he says "Stop." Most of the time I will try to go on... "I'm just saying..." and again he will say "No, stop." The 'buts' and 'what if's' usually come with a negative and I am working my hardest to get rid of them, to not even let those thoughts see the light of day, because you know what? They don't help anything, nothing good comes from them.

I know there is always going to be the odd down day, the odd moment of doubt, but I am working my absolute hardest to not let the doubt ruin the beauty of trying something new and being the person I want to be. I hope this post helps if you, like me, struggle with being confident minded sometimes. If you have ways that help you in this situation, I would absolutely love to hear how you cope and deal with it! :)

Have a wonderful and kick ass day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. I absolutely loved this post! It's so motivating and inspirational. I really need to try meditation sometime, my mind gets busy too and it would probably help when I get a bit anxious. Go out and rock those job interviews! They would be so lucky to have you : )
    Steph x.

    1. Aww thank you so much for reading Steph, I appreciate your comment so much, it helps to know that other people understand and go through things like this too. I hope you are able to try meditation and it works for you too. My husband even said doing different types of yoga could be good. :) I do find working out helps for me also. Maybe you can channel your breathing and letting go of your thoughts when you Box! :) Thank you so much for that, that's very sweet! <3 xxx