Makeup Monday: Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea!

When I saw all the Instagram pictures of Tarte Cosmetics new makeup line, I knew it was going to be something that I lusted after for a while and added to my wish list. The packaging completely suckered me in, all the blues, purples and golds, I thought yes please. I was also really interested in the concept of the products being water based and extremely hydrating and fresh. Lucky for me, I was gifted a bunch of Sephora gift cards for Christmas, thank you to my awesome family, so I eagerly awaited the release date so I could visit the store and purchase some goodies. In need of a new foundation and concealer, I knew those were the two products I wanted to pick up first. Then I noticed that they had a 500 point reward for Beauty Insiders, so in purchasing a little treat for Kelly, I went ahead and used some of my points that had been stacking up online.

The packaging seriously is stunning, just look at it. I love the top how it blends from gold to purple. I'm in two minds about this foundation though. I've only tried it twice, so I know I'm going to have to give it a fair chance and use it a bunch before I make a true conclusion, but as it stands right now, the positives are that it feels so lightweight on the skin, it doesn't make me oily and it does look rather beautiful and natural. The negatives are that the little droplet only produces a small amount, so I feel like I'm having to keep adding more product as I go a long. If you want really full coverage I feel you will be using a lot. I will say though that the lady gave me 'fair light neutral' which I believe is too light for me, I know I should trust the experts, but I think this might be why I can't make my mind up yet. I think I'm going to exchange it for 'light neutral', as the little bit I tested (see below) seemed to match me much better. It is priced at $39 for 1fl oz. 

I LOVE this concealer. For me it has great coverage, barely creases and feels lovely and hydrating under my eyes. I was quite fond of the Urban Decay concealer until recently, finding that it creased a lot and was too light for me. I have this Tarte one in the shade 'light medium' and it is perfect. I think it has to be my favourite concealer I have tried yet. This is priced at $26 for 0.34 fl oz. 

500 point rewards.
In this adorable reward box I got a mini 'Lights, camera, splashes' mascara, mini cleansing gel, mini marine boosting mist, a lipstick in shade 'beach bum' and a few shades of the foundation to try. I've never chosen a 500 points reward before, so I was super excited to get the cute box with all the pretty samples inside. For 500 points, I do wish they were a little bigger but I was still very happy that I got to try some of the products out. I was ready for a new mascara and have heard so many great things about this one, so I really can't wait to try it. The lipstick shade is stunning, it's very much that dark mauve, kind of nude shade. I love the cleansing gel and have used it to wash my face the past two nights, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and soft. The mist I feel I will have to try as a primer. I did try it over my foundation, but as I get a tad oily in my t zone, I felt it just made me look shiny. It does get points for smelling wonderful though, very lemony, which I love. I'm so pleased that I got to try a few foundation shades, with living in Clearwater now, I think my skin is starting to tan and as I mentioned earlier the lady at Sephora put 'fair light neutral' on me and said it was perfect but I was a little unsure. When trying 'light neutral' I felt it matched my skin tone better and actually gave me coverage instead of just sitting on my face and making me look a little pale.

Overall I have to say that this is a gorgeous collection. I'm looking forward to trying the foundation more and hope to be able to try their 'Hydrating boost drink' as if its anything like the cleanser I think I will love it! :)

Have you tried anything from Rainforest of the sea? What are you loving most?

Have a beautiful day.
Love Lucy xx

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