Happy Easter everyone!!

With our Italian grandparents, Easter has always been a big deal for us. Like every other holiday, we spend it together around the table. Our Nanna will sprinkle us with holy water and say a blessing before we eat. Then after a delicious meal we will have a traditional Italian Colomba (Dove) cake, as well as homemade Pastiera, which we have made since we can remember. Nanna also used to make us crosses out of palm leaves from Church, she hasn't done that for a while now, but we still have ours from a few years ago by our beds. Obviously the last few years have been slightly different with us being away, but we still stay true to our traditions. Here's a little look at Easter 2016! :)

When we were little, we spent an Easter in Italy with our family. Everywhere we looked, we saw these amazing Easter Eggs. Although very different to our traditional British Easter Eggs, we love them just the same. We found this one at an awesome Italian market here in Clearwater and needless to say we were extremely excited and squealed with glee! Italian chocolate is amazing! 

Like we mentioned above, we still have the palms Nanna made us a few years back, they stay by our bedsides near our pictures of Padre Pio. This picture our Grandad gave us when we moved away and we treasure it. Our Grandparents are very religious and it always makes them happy to know we care about what they teach and share with us. It's also a comfort to us to turn to this when we are missing them so much to know that they are thinking about us.

Yay, Yay, Yay!! This is our second attempt at making traditional Pastiera Napoletana without our Grandad and little sister. Last year we weren't as successful but this year it came out great! We got the barley and flour from the same Italian market as our Easter egg and can definitely tell what a difference using authentic Italian ingredients makes! The only thing missing is the half bottle of Sambuca that Nanna likes to put in hers! :p We can't express how much looking at this and eating it fills our hearts with happiness. 

Ok, so as we are working on a more healthy balanced lifestyle lately, we thought we would try and make a less guilty Easter treat. We had been scouring Pinterest and found these Avocado brownies and thought we would give them a go. Now, we're not going to lie, it's definitely a taste we are going to have to get used to. The avocado kind of gives it a slightly bitter aftertaste, however, they did turn out moist, soft and not all bad. We are looking forward to trying out more gluten free, paleo recipes and even some that are just slightly healthier in future. :) If you like avocado and are looking for another desert option, we would definitely say try them out!

There you have it, some of the yummy things we will be eating this weekend, as well as a little insight into our family traditions. :) Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and get to spend it with your loved ones!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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  1. Sounds like such a lovely Easter! Those Avocado brownies look incredible, I've been having fun trying out healthier/paleo recipes lately too. Happy Eatser! : )
    Steph x.