5 ways to not have a bad day!

Day's where you just feel down, unmotivated, sad, tearful, overwhelmed, scared, insecure and just plain meh, we've all had them and know that no matter how hard we try, we're always going to have them. But on these "down days" as I like to call them, is it possible to get out of our funk? Can we really switch gears and change our mind set? If so, How? I'm not an expert but here is a little list of 5 things that work for me that i hope will work for you too. These are all just things from experience that I have tried on those "meh days" and even though I have a long way to go to remember these things at all times, I do feel like it's progress from shutting the door and wallowing in my black cloud completely.

1) Listen to music.

Music is a great release. Whether it be listening to sad songs and getting those tears out or happy songs that get you dancing, it helps you to forget your worries for a few minutes and let the emotions flow. Our aim is happiness on these days though, so forget your sad songs, put on some happy music and smile and dance like no one is watching. It truly is amazing how the body reacts in such delight and positivity when one switches on The Overtones and shakes their tail feather.

2) Watch a program that makes you laugh.

One day when I was having a "meh day" I came home from work to find that my husband had put dinner on the table and had got Chuck ready to watch on Netflix. He was going out that night and I had been stressing all day at work feeling like I had other things I needed to do, like cleaning and laundry. However, since Chuck was already on the TV when I walked through the door, I settled in on the couch and decided a few episodes couldn't hurt. Well that was it, as soon as I started laughing at Jeffster's antics and Zachary Levi's facial expressions my worries ebbed away and my mood was instantly lifted. Sometimes it's OK to step away from the 'to do list' that might seem never ending and take a moment for yourself and if that involves watching Chuck, it's a must! :p I was incredibly grateful to my husband that day for being so thoughtful.

3) Force a smile.

I am extremely awesome at being stubborn and when I feel sad for no reason and my husband tries to snap me out of it, I seem to get more stubborn. I do this even if he is offering something nice like a walk or to go out somewhere or to cuddle. It's like my brain is telling me "no you have to be miserable and stay miserable for no reason" but really I know that it could just be as simple as saying yes and forgetting about my bad mood in order for me to feel happier. It really can be as easy as having a 'fake it till you make it' kind of attitude. It's not always easy but try your best to put on a smile, take a deep breath and get that mind frame back on the right track.

4) Read a book.

Between the pages of a book is my favourite place to be. Even when I'm "not in the mood" I find that as soon as I start reading I get so immersed in my fiction world that I forget what I was "meh" about in the first place. Sometimes distracting yourself from worries and problems can be a good thing. You either realize that there was no need to worry in the first place or taking that step away from it for a minute can give your brain time to think of a solution.

 5) Don't let one thing you are sad about become 50 things.

Another thing I am terrible at. Most of the time if one things ticks me off or sets off me feeling sad, it very soon becomes everything that is making me sad, mad or angry. This doesn't help at all, it only makes things worse. If  you focus on the one thing and think of solutions to help solve it, you can prevent yourself from having a breakdown over things you weren't really mad about at all. Focus on one thing at a time and get over each hurdle step by step. If you try and do to many things at once, it can often bring you down and make you feel overwhelmed and that's not what we want our brain to feel. We want to be positive, strong and keep our 'we can take on the world' mantra going as much as we can.

Hope you all have a happy day!
Love Kelly


  1. This was really great, I have to say I am guilty of letting bad days spiral into me thinking I have a bad life. I also do the opposite and watch horror films when I'm sad- weirdly it actually cheers me up a lot, because I think at least I'm not going through that! Strange method to cheer myself up I know, but it works.


    1. Aww haha that's awesome and if it cheers you up even better! :) Thank you so much for reading! :) xx

  2. Hey, loved this post, especially tip 5
    Abi x

    1. Thank you so much Abi! :) Tip 5 is something we really try and work on everyday, we must admit sometimes that can be a tricky one, but staying focused and doing everything else in the list really helps combat it! :) xx