5 Things I've learnt about the Beach!

So it's been 2 weeks since we moved to sunny Clearwater, Florida. We are just a few minutes away from both St Pete and Clearwater beach, as well as even closer to a little causeway just off the highway. Whilst both job hunting and settling into our new apartments, we have had quite a few afternoons where we have just gotten in the car and drove to the beach.
My most favourite beach activity is sitting and reading, but I will throw the odd football and join in with some paddling now and again. You see I have to admit, I am coming to the realization that I am not really a beach person, sure looking at it and seeing the sun and the waves is delightful but when it come down to all the finer details, it's not entirely my cup of tea. In light of my recent feelings, here are five things that I have learnt about the beach in the last 2 weeks.

1. A little beach chair is better than a towel.
No matter how comfortable you try to make yourself on a towel, it just doesn't work. Especially when I'm reading, I lie on my front, my arms ache, I lie on my back, my arms ache, I sit up, my back aches and the sand is often lumpy. Oh the struggles! Recently though I invested in a little beach chair. This means I am actually rather excited for our next beach visit. Ahh to prop it up, butt not touching the sand, back cozy against the back of the chair, arms resting on the arm rests and book perfectly placed... ahh bliss!

2. When you think you've put enough sun cream on...put on some more.
You guessed it, I found this one out the hard way. It's been quite a while since my body has seen some strong sunshine. So the first day we went to the beach, I lathered myself in sun cream. I sat reading and sweating slightly but otherwise I was A OK...that was until I got home and realized I was red and blotchy, definitely not a good bikini look. This kind of thing terrifies me, it's so so important to look after your skin. So after smothering myself in Aloe Vera for two days, I definitely learnt my lesson. If your out for a while keep applying spray or lotion.

3. Sand will get everywhere and I don't just mean in your hair or your bag, I mean, in your car, on your couch, in your kindle, EVERYWHERE!
We've all done the pick up your towel, waft it out and as a result getting a face full of sand, but seriously why does it have to get in every crevice and stay there?? I was super careful with my kindle the other day and I still came home to find sand in it. I also now find sand all over our couches thanks to my husband, then it ends up on the floor and stuck to my feet. You should see me at night when I'm like a hawk making sure my husband has washed his feet before bed...me at our bedroom door, "SANDY FEET SHALL NOT PASS!!" ;)

4. Always where a hat and remember sunglasses.
No jokes with this one, just a helpful tip. I used to own a nice pair of sunglasses but they disappeared, I actually think my husband stole them. But then I got a free pair at this restaurant and kept them in my handbag at all times, which actually came in handy, come to think of it I think my husband stole them too. Anyway, thanks to Lucy and her husband having a bunch of leftover sunglasses from their wedding, I now have a bright yellow pair that I must not forget when I leave the house, not quite fashionable but definitely useful. Now I just need to keep remembering my hat!! Headaches on the beach are a mood killer.

5. Wear little shorts for certain beachy themed fun activities.
This may just be me, but I am most definitely not what one would consider a "Total Beach Babe" I may have just made that up. Forget the gorgeous, flowing, long, golden locks and the cute itsy bitsy bikini that show of your cheeks, it just ain't happening. My hair goes up unless I want a mouth full of it and my butt stays well and truly covered. If I do venture out to the wet sand to play catch with my brother in law, I have found it's much more effective and comfortable in shorts. No one wants to see me digging around to unpick a wedgie after making an awesome, so awesome that I could be a professional footballer (American) catch. The same goes for fun activities such as beach sprints. All the more fun when you beat both your husband AND your brother in law! Just saying! ;)

So there you have it folks, my little beach tips and observations. I must point out that these are merely my little fun ramblings and by no means am I actually complaining about our recent move to Clearwater. I am one lucky girl and there isn't a sweaty, ice cream melting, sand filled day that would make me think otherwise!

Have a great day!
Love Kelly


  1. Sand most def will get everywhere!
    Jabeen x

  2. I can definitely relate to these! I love the beach but hate finding sand in random places for days after lol although it always makes my hair look amazing!
    Steph x.