Things that take you back!

Recently while at Nanna and Grandad's house one morning, Nanna told me to make a milky coffee while she was getting ready upstairs. As I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen to make my coffee, I had an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness. The sun was shining on a chilly day, it was just after 9 in the morning, Grandad was sat chatting to my Uncle and making a cold milky coffee in a glass took me straight back to my childhood. I am very fortunate to have had a wonderful upbringing full of love, lots of family and good food. Anytime I am reminded of those times I feel so content and happy. Here are a few smells, tastes and sounds that take me back, as well as a little more detail on that milky coffee! :)

When we were little and we slept over at Nanna and Grandad's we would always wake up in the morning to Grandad bringing us a cold, milky coffee in a glass and a kit kat. This was all before we would go downstairs to a full breakfast of toast, tomatoes, bacon and sausages. I often wonder if the coffee actually had coffee in as we were only young, I think if it did it was a very small amount but the memory of it still makes me smile! :)

Similarly to the story above, this next memory is related to sleepovers at Nanna and Grandads. Anytime we go round to their house now and are there a little later than normal, it takes me back to when we were all ready for bed, in our pajamas, sat by the fire in the front room having biscotti and a drink while listening to Italian TV. There is something so cozy and comforting about their house, and apart from our own, it is probably my most favourite place in the world.

Every time I eat or smell a tangerine it immediately reminds me of Christmas time. From Christmas days spent at Nanna and Grandads to our Christmas days now at our house, we always end our meals with yummy Italian treats and tangerines! :)

Hearing Good Charlotte, Simple Plan or any other random bands from my teen years when casually flicking through the music channels. Songs are amazing in how they transport you back to the exact times you were listening to them and even remind you of what you were feeling in those moments too!

Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice but the really fresh kind! This takes me back to when we were on holiday in Portugal when we were kids. One evening we went to a restaurant but for whatever reason I only remember Mum eating while we played on the beach. When we ran to see her and Dad at the table she was drinking the most delicious fresh orange that she made us all try and eating fish of some sort. My memory may be foggy but I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I just remember it being dark, us playing in the sand and this little restaurant being lit up with twinkling lights!

Hearing airplanes on a sunny day, no matter where I am in the world, always makes me think of being in our back garden in England in the summer. That and lawnmowers! I love British summer time, we take the garden table and chairs our of hibernation and sit out on the hammock. The back doors into the garden are always open as the fresh air floats into the kitchen. It's peaceful and happy, as the odd plane flies overhead while neighbours mow their grass. We really need to get home for a good old British summer soon! :)

Last but not least one of my favourite smells would have to be Chanel No 5! My Mum has worn this for as long as I can remember and whether I smell the little bottle she gave me, while in my apartment in America or I'm walking through Sephora and just have to stop and spray some, it envelops me in a huge comforting hug and fills me with warmth. You are never too old for Mum cuddles and wanting your Mum!

What brings back your childhood memories or even just nice memories that make you smile? Do you love certain smells? Love a particular song? Leave a comment below, I would love to read them! :)

Have a great day!
Love Kelly x

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  1. You are delightful! Have a wonderful adventure!