The perfect Leading Man!

From the page to the big screen we all have our ideal leading man, or leading lady. From the way they look to the way they act, maybe even to the way they dress to what job they have, we can picture that person, fantasize about that person and want to read about and watch that person. For us, there's no denying that we are complete suckers for romance. We love chick lit and love anything from your nerdy, dorky, sweetheart ala Zachary Levi in Chuck, to your muscly, kick ass, heartthrob ala Chris Evans in Captain America. But recently, there has been one leading man that has bowled us over. He ticks every box on our checklist and so much more and he goes by the name of Rocky Balboa.

I remember first watching Rocky a few years back with my husband and being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I had to look away during some of the punches, because, well, you know, that's just me! :p But I fell head over heals for Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky. I remember turning to my husband and saying "Have women seen this movie?" "Why do I not hear people talking about it like they do 'Dirty Dancing'. He reminded me that the film was quite a few years old and that at the time it was first released girls probably did go crazy over The Italian Stallion. That answer didn't satisfy me. I wanted to see Rocky all over today's magazines, books and movies. I wanted the world to still be talking about Rocky Balboa and not just because he was/is extremely kick ass and awesome but because he was/is an absolute sweetheart and beautiful person.

Here you have a guy who doesn't come from much, who's doing what he can to survive, fighting and working for a loan shark, but he is happy and positive and more or less just going with the flow. He has his eyes set on the shy lady who works in the pet shop and he goes in to see her every morning and every evening to tell her a joke that he thought of the night before. Hello, how incredibly sweet is that? No being cocky and getting in her face, simply telling her a joke to make conversation and make her smile. He never overstays his welcome. He talks to her brother to try and see if she will give him a chance and to let her know that he is a good guy. Again, how lovely is that, being friends with her brother and trying to let her know that she will be safe with him? I adored how Rocky was the talker, always trying to make conversion flow, he gave a damn and wanted to talk to this girl, tell her everything and make her laugh. Furthermore, when Rocky two graced my TV screen, I don't think I could stop saying 'Awww' and sighing when Rocky and Adrian had their little baby. Oh my goodness, the way Rocky looked at Adrian, the words he said "You did good Adrian" and the way he stroked the newborns head melted my heart. An early 9 year anniversary present in Rocky 4, to which Rocky called it a prize for Adrian having been married to him for so long, in addition to the line "Remember a long time ago when I said you ain't never getting rid of me? Well, you're not, you ain't never getting rid of me." Uh be still my beating heart. Through Rocky three, four and five, I loved Rocky's unique charm and personality, I loved his jokes, his caring attitude and the fact that he was still this rough and ready beast of a man. And don't get me started on how cute he is when he goes to visit the Priest and shouts to him through the window. Also, it doesn't hurt that he's Italian! :p

Watching the movies 39 years later was truly intriguing for me, especially as I watched 'Creed' just the other day. Creed is set in such a different time, it was absolutely fantastic but I had to say to my husband that I think I am most definitely old fashioned and enjoyed the Rocky's that came before it. Though Rocky himself has grown to still be the biggest sweetheart and kind, caring, wonderful man that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. He made me cry twice during 'Creed' and though I'm quite an emotional person that doesn't happen too often. I think a big part of me liking the original movies is that I feel it's always hard to watch the world around us change and people get older and face losses, in Creed I just wanted Rocky to be happy and to be loved and for everything to be ok. I feel like you could really see how the world has changed in Creed compared to the simpler times of the Rocky movies but I adore how Rocky himself hadn't changed too much, always being kind to others, putting others first and being a tough guy. Furthermore, and this might just be me, but the way in which Rocky treated Adrian is such a far cry from some of the things we see in the media today, from the likes of Towie, The Only way is Essex, Big Brother, to all the dating advice and how men and women treat other in the magazines, it's sometimes all too complicated for my brain. Adrian and Rocky was just pure love, loving someone to the very core and always being there for them, sticking through it all.

Over the course of the past two weeks I have watched all 6 Rocky Movies and done my usual research, scouring the web for Rocky fans and adding a few new favourite Instagram accounts to my list and it's safe to say that my earlier statement of "Have women seen this movie?" is rather naive. I have come across many accounts of women and young girls who feel inspired by Rocky and who adore the love story of Rocky and Adrian, as well as men who love everything about it too, which made me a very happy girl. To know something that touched me so much, has touched others in the same way made me smile from ear to ear.

So all that's left to say is Thank you Sylvester Stallone for writing and creating this amazing character. I feel that Rocky Balboa is truly one of a kind and someone that we can all look up to and learn from. A beautiful, strong, caring man with an absolute heart of gold. :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Lucy xx

P.S. Kelly here, I couldn't let Lucy write such an awesome post about Rocky Balboa without sharing my thoughts too. As since Lucy and her Chris have introduced me to The Italian Stallion, I have been thinking of nothing but. While I had heard of Rocky before and have listened to his extremely motivational speech in Rocky Balboa on repeat thanks to my husband, I never knew just how sweet and adorable the character of Rocky was until I watched it properly, and oh my goodness. I was swooning! I absolutely adored him, and agree with Lucy, that he is just the perfect gentleman. I too have been watching a lot of Sylvester Stallone videos since watching the Rocky movies and am surprised at just how amazing of a person he is too. He seems very similar to Rocky in many ways and I am so so glad that I was introduced to these movies and him! They say "Things come into your life when you need them most." I can definitely say that there are plenty of moments lately where my brain needs Rocky's speeches playing over and over! :)

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  1. My favourite film series EVER!! I will never get tired of watching Rocky, he is such a wonderful man. So inspiring, caring, thoughtful and sympathetic. A true leading man xx