Must see/Must eat: Manchester/Stockport!

It has been beyond awesome being home for the past nine weeks. Not having to rush around to try and squeeze in family time as well as adventures has been the absolute best. It is the longest we have spent in Manchester/Stockport in about three years, so we were keen to do as much as we could and show our husbands more of our home sweet home. A lot has changed since we have been away, new places have popped up here and there and we have been fortunate enough to visit some delicious eatery's on our brother's recommendation and also stop by some places we have enjoyed before but wanted to introduce our husbands to. We made a few notes and thought we would share with you today some of our must see/must eat places in Manchester/Stockport! :)

The Crafty Pig. (Manchester)

My husband stumbled upon this place when he went exploring Manchester one day and he couldn't stop raving about the burger he had. He said and I quote that 'it was the best burger he has had while he has been in the UK.' So last week we had a stroll around Manchester on the hunt for breakfast, after a lovely Valentines Day night, and Chris suggested we go here. I fancied trying their full English breakfast, as when in Rome... and Chris opted for a chicken sandwich of some sort. Both were incredibly delicious. In addition, the place is rather cozy and I liked the casual vibe and the décor too. Their menu looked quite interesting too, very unique, and I'd definitely like to go back to try more. :)

Cain and Grain. (Manchester)

Our brother took us to this place for lunch one day and it was seriously good. We love going to places where the menus have so many unique choices that you wouldn't find at your local chain restaurant or fast food place. The vibe of this restaurant is really laid back with a casual feel, brick walls, wooden beams, very rustic looking which we liked a lot. I ordered a chicken sandwich minus the bread and it was gorgeous. It had some sort of spicy sauce on it which tasted amazing and even the chips were simple yet fresh and delicious. I very much want to head back here again soon to try everything they have to offer.

TNQ. (Manchester)

My husband surprised me on Valentines day by taking me to this place and it was amazing. We had the Valentines Day special menu and were greeted with the most delicious Champagne followed by a three course meal. I have never really done fine dining before, I was always a bit skeptical of the tiny portions but now I understand it. The food was perfect and just enough that allowed you to be able to eat all three courses. I usually always want dessert but then find myself too full to actually get any. Here I had all three scrumptious courses and was comfortably full by the end of the meal. I had the Sea Bass and Kind Prawn Ceviche to start which was out of this world, it was so fresh and tasty, I could have eaten 10 plates full. We both got the Lamb for main and again, oh my goodness, melt in your mouth tasty and delicious. For dessert I opted for the Rhubarb with crumble and vanilla ice cream. I'm a huge fan of Rhubarb and hadn't had it in forever, this was beautiful, sweet, tangy and amazing with the fresh Vanilla ice cream.

Sapporo Teppanyaki (Manchester)

Our little sister recommended this place for something different for our Dad's birthday, so it was a big family event and everyone had an absolute blast. The food that was cooked in front of us was awesome, everyone devoured it. I chose to have Sushi, which although it was nice and fresh, it wasn't the best Sushi I've ever had, but it was still good. The show itself was fantastic. We highly recommend it if you are looking for somewhere fun and entertaining with great food. The cocktails are rather yummy too.

Chill Factore (Manchester)

I think the first time we experienced the Chill Factore was when Kelly's Chris was over for a visit a few years back and we thought it would be a fun day out. We had a great time on the donuts and have always wanted to go back. My Chris was eager to experience it this time round and I have to say we had an absolute blast. They now have sledges and a luge as well as the donuts, so this made it much more exciting getting to try each different activity. Our favourite was the sleds as they went super fast and we all naturally tried to bump each time we hit the can't take wrestlers anywhere! :p We spent an hour on the slopes at a cost of 25GBP each and would definitely say it was worth it. :)

The Savoy (Heaton Moor)

We grew up attending the Savoy cinema. Prices were cheap, it was cozy and it was childhood to us. We went there on school trips and we even took our Nanna once. It was a staple place in our little hometown. In recent years it became pretty desolate, once the likes of Parrswood cinema opened, with more movie options, food choices and such, Parrswood became the more popular way to get your movie experience and The Savoy was left unattended. There were talks of knocking it down and turning it into little shops, but the people of Heaton Moor did not want to see such an iconic place come to that horrible fate. Just last year The Savoy was sold, renovated and resurrected and it is amazing! :) The décor is elegant yet cozy, you can get cakes and coffees, wine and beers and of course popcorn and pick a mix. It feels so warm and snuggly, the cinema seats themselves being rather plush and spacious. It's just awesome. Last week we went to see a showing of Dirty Dancing there, which they played for Valentines Day and it was fantastic, the best movie experience ever. Everyone had a blast and were literally dancing in the isles. The family that took it over are truly wonderful and welcoming, always friendly and want you to have a good time. It is perfect and most definitely beats the big chain cinemas. :) If you're looking for a fun night out, you want to sit back and chill, drink some wine and watch a movie, this is the place to be. :)

QDos Fitness. (Heald Green)

I am going to miss this place so much when we head back to the States. It is such an awesome gym and I have loved going while home. I don't know what it is but I love the whole vibe at QDos, from the colour to the layout to the people, it's a very motivating and happy place to be. The added plus for me is that I also get to see my brother when I go and that always inspires me and makes me smile. And if I ever need advice I love having him there to pick his brain. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a place to train and if you are looking for a personal trainer, check out Chris Knott, he is the best of the best.

Hope you are able to check out some of these places and that you have enjoyed some of our Must See/Must Eat places in our hometown. If you have been to these establishments before, let us know in the comments below! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Found you on my twitter feed and clicked through. Love this article and just what we are all about. Great work! Good variety of suggestions. Especially the gym. We waint got any featured yet. Would love your opinions on #Manchester on our community page. . X

    1. Hi Ryan! Thank you so much for coming to read our post and so happy you liked it! :) We love Manchester and miss it so much when we are away! Do you have any links to your page? Thank you. x