Monday Motivation: Gym clothes!

I've mentioned on here before that I'm not really your fashionista type, I do try but it doesn't come naturally to me. Therefore, my workout outfits always resembled that of what ever was comfy and extremely baggy, think grey sweat pants and an old wrestling shirt. For Wrestling training I think I wore said black pants and tank tops for a good 4 years, never feeling the need for new outfits, as if it's not broke, there's no need to fix it, right? Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with all of the above, you do you and wear whatever you feel comfortable, happy and confident in but the reason I mention it is because two years ago my husband bought me a gym outfit from Victoria Secret and it changed everything! :p

It wasn't just a case of loving the colours, patterns and prints of the outfit, but the fact that the fit boosted my confidence in a way I didn't originally believe I could get away with. I have insecurities and though I hate to admit it, I would look at other women in put together, bright, bold outfits and leggings that showed off their awesome figures and think 'Ooh one day I hope to look like that'. Depending on the day this could really motivate and inspire me or have me feeling a little down about my wobbly thighs. When Chris bought me my first pair of Victoria Secret gym pants, I was a little intimidated at first and thought that I would just wear them when I reached certain goals. That is until he encouraged me to put them on and not be silly! The fit of the pants felt awesome and immediately changed my outlook on gym clothes. They were tight, comfortable, sleek and I felt like I wasn't weighed down by hot, sticky sweat pants and more like I could take on the world and squat and move freely. Now this might sound crazy to you and trust me, I get it, you can workout in absolutely anything, but for me I honestly can't stress how making this change helped me. Instead of putting all those insecurities at the forefront and putting myself down about my figure and going to the gym feeling like I was always just wishing my butt would hurry up and be pert already, I was able to smile and bounce around being who I wanted to be now and not later. Not that my butt is all of a sudden pert now I have these magical pants, but they sure do give things a lift and have me squatting like nobodies business. :p The fabric is also so lightweight I feel like a ninja.

Furthermore, fashion more often than not makes me nervous, but now I have three sets of Victoria Secrets gym outfits, one my husband surprised me with this past Christmas and one I treated myself to when they had a sale, and they are my most favourite outfits. I know they match and I know when I put them on I feel content and fashionable. I'd happily wear them every day of the week and that is a huge deal for me personally, to not spend hours agonizing over what to wear...what an amazing feeling! :)

I just wanted to share my little journey with you today and encourage you to live in the moment and be who you want to be now and not wait for the future. Go and buy that outfit you have been dreaming of and wear it with your head held high! :) I feel more confident than ever lately in my workouts and I enjoy going to the gym. Over nine years of wrestling it always felt like I had to workout, and though sometimes I really enjoyed it, I felt that I had built up a very negative way of thinking, such as, I have to look like these girls, I can't eat chocolate, I don't want to go to the gym today, I don't look like that, etc and it wasn't healthy. Switching my outlook, taking a step back from the gym and giving myself chance to really miss it was great for me, I started going again because I wanted to go and for no other reason. These outfits gave me a healthy boost of confidence and the fact that I can't wait to wear them really helps me to get my butt to the gym! :)

I have to mention that I grew up going to gyms with my brother that weren't your fancy high tech gyms, where people were very serious and meant business, it wasn't a place to show off, it was a place to train. I think I have always kept that mentality and therefore never gave too much of a thought into caring about what I wore. I think I even felt guilty for wanting a cute outfit, but nowadays I think there's plenty of room for a well co ordinated, bold, happy, gym outfit. I guess it all just depends on my mood, of course I still have my days when I will happily throw on my sweatpants and go skip, jog or do some hill sprints and pretend I'm Rocky, because yes, I am that person! :p Whatever makes you feel good, gets you up and moving and feeling happy within yourself...DO IT!!! :)

What motivates you to go to the gym? Do you have gym goals? Do you have a favourite gym outfit? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

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