An interview with: Camilla Isley.

Today we bring you another wonderful author interview. We absolutely love reaching out to our favourite authors and love it even more when they are able to answer our questions and are happy to take part in us picking their brains and asking a bunch of questions. We truly appreciate getting to speak with them and learn from them and are grateful that they take the time to do so. Camilla Isley crossed our book path just last year and we were so happy she did. Her books made us laugh, smile, giggle and feel all warm and squishy inside. It was tons of fun getting to know more about her and we can't wait to read more of her awesome work! :) Enjoy!

1. What is your most favourite book?

Harry Potter (The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix, and The Deathly Hollows) and The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I have many others, but these are special favorites and the most re-read in my library.

2. What is your favourite part of the writing process? Writing, editing or receiving the final copy of your book?

Exactly that in reverse order: receiving the final copy of my book, editing, and writing. I find editing easier and less daunting to be honest. The scariest part is staring at a blank page wondering, “Am I going to make it?” or “Now what happens?”
However, the hardest, shortest thing to write is the back cover copy. It has to be concise, enticing, it has to give an idea of the story without giving away too much and possibly be humorous. It’s a real nightmare!

3.      Do you have a certain place where you love to curl up and read?

Ah, no. I can read anywhere. If I’m taken with a book I read snippets on a variety of devices at any given occasion. Even if it’s only five minutes standing in line at the grocery store. But of course the couch is cozier.

4.      Do you have a specific spot where you enjoy writing the most?

Lately, I’ve changed houses a bit too often for that. When I’ll finally buy a house I would love to create a cozy writing nook for myself.

5.      When you are not writing your wonderful books, how do you like to spend your days?

I love to travel, eat at restaurants, and pick up vintage furniture at flea markets and restore it. And of course I read a lot!

6.      If you suddenly found yourself with a genie friend, like Ally in ‘I Wish for You’ and were granted 5 wishes, what would they be?

Loosing weight eating only Nutella would be great. No just kidding, my one real wish right now is worth all the wishes in the word and is to have a baby.

7.      If you happened to get stranded on a dessert island, what is one thing you couldn’t be without?

Honestly, another human being. Grumpy or not. I mean the worst part of Castaway was how Tom Hanks was going crazy after spending five years completely alone. We’re social creatures, it’s what makes us human.

8.      If you were to get stranded on said dessert island with a handsome stranger, like Joanna in your recent release ‘A Sudden Crush’, would you have a specific stranger in mind? We sure wouldn’t mind being lost at sea with Chris Evans! 

I’m going to go a bit old fashioned here. But wouldn’t Clark Gable have made for the perfect grumpy caveman?

9.      We know that you are a lover of movies and TV, what is your favourite movie ever? And what TV shows could you happily binge watch over and over?

Movies, I don’t have an absolute winner. I love many different genres from chick flick (starting with those wonderful eighties movies like Sixteen Candles, to the nineties of My Best Friend's Wedding to the early two-thousands of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and the next one I want to watch is How to Be Single). I also have a sweet spot for Vampire movies, and I love sci-fi. I try to stir clear of excessive drama and movies that are just plain sad.
The one show I can binge watch over and over again is Friends. My favorite shows still airing are The Walking Dead (I only just saw episode 4 of the new season and I was shocked Oo, I know I’m like three months late), Game of Thrones, and The Vampire Diaries.

10.  Being fellow coffee lovers, we must ask, do you have a number one coffee brand? What coffee shop would we most likely find you at? And what is the perfect cake/biscuit to go with a cozy, warm mug of coffee? 

I love Starbucks, my favorite drink is a Caramel Macchiato. My ideal breakfast is a Caramel Macchiato and a butter croissant.

Thank you to Camilla Isley for answering all our questions, we adored your answers and loved having you a part of our blog! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone and go check out Camilla's books!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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