An interview with author Samantha Tonge!

We found Samantha Tonge's lovely novella 'How to get hitched in 10 days' through the fantastic people at Carina UK. The moment they mentioned 50's diner and loyal best friend, we knew we had to read it. You can find our review over on our book page! :) We wanted to learn a little more about Samantha, so we sent along 5 questions that she was very kind enough to answer! Please enjoy and make sure you follow her and check out her wonderful books.

1) What do you like most about being an author?
Ooh that is hard to answer as there are so many things I enjoy. I think I most like getting feedback from readers, because I waited so long to have an audience for my writing by landing a publishing deal. It makes my day if I read a review where someone loved my work and says it cheered them up.

2) What is your favourite book and genre? 
It has to be Pride and Prejudice and I just love romance. I am in  awe of Jane Austen and how her book is still relevant centuries after her death. I saw the zombie movie version of this book last weekend and it was just brilliant. Imagine your books inspiring future generations like that? It’s inspiring.

3) Do have a cozy place where you like reading and writing the most? 
I tuck myself away in the spare room. I have a tiny desk in there, a fan heater and the cat for company. I could move downstairs into a bigger room but I am a creature of habit.

4) Where did you get your inspiration for your new story "How to get hitched in 10 days"? 
From a couple of my gay friends who are the loveliest men you could ever want to meet. I felt the need to write a story about a woman who really did need a best friend to help sort out her life. And I also wanted to address the issues that face gay men in our society nowadays. I am thrilled that so many reviewers seem to adore the character of Mikey as much as I do.

5) Mikey from "How to get hitched in 10 days" owns a classic 50's diner. If you had to pick, what would be your favourite diner treat?
Your questions are so hard! Ooh. Cheesecake. No, apple pie and ice-cream. But then warm brownies are just divine. Nope. It’s no good. I just cannot choose!

Thanks for having me!

Make sure you get yourself a copy of 'How to get hitched in 10 days' and be sure to follow Samantha Tonge on Twitter @SamTongeWriter for more of her awesome book news! :) 

Happy Monday!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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