28 things to do at 28 - Lucy!

We recently read a post over on 'Life in excess' where Kirsty wrote 28 things she would like to do in her 28th year, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't already paid a visit to Kirsty's blog, you must do so now, you will love her. She had some really great ideas that made us smile, some giggle and most inspiring us, so with our birthday just a day away we started thinking about 28 things that we would like to accomplish this year too.

1) Learn the dance from 'Dirty Dancing' with my husband.
Every time I watch people dance I say I'm going to go to a dance school and take a class but I never do. And every time I watch Dirty Dancing I say to my husband how fun it must be to be able to dance like that. So this year I really want to make it happen.

2) Finish my story and get it published.
I love writing. It has become a huge part of my life over the past two years. I have been working on many pieces and hope to complete them and fill the desire in my heart to get my stories out there.

3) Squat more than I've ever squatted before.
I love leg day, this year I'm staying consistent and my motivation is being able to squat more than I've ever squatted soon and then keep pushing.

4) Attend some sort of Makeup event like IMATS or a meet and greet.
I would love to attend a Jaclyn Hill or Amanda Ensing meet and greet this year or go to a place I can spend all day browsing the latest makeup products in the same place where there are tons of people who all share the same passion.

5) Try snowboarding.
I'm not sure why but I suddenly have this urge of wanting to be able to snowboard. I think I really just want to see if I can do it.

6) Find somewhere that teaches you Motocross.
For the longest time I have wanted to try Motorcross, seriously I've had this in my head since I was younger and wanted to be a part of the X Games, but I have just never come across a place to do it. Maybe there's an adrenaline junkie in me that needs to be fulfilled since I stopped wrestling but I am determined to get on a bike this year. If anyone knows of anywhere I can do this please let me know! :)

7) Perfect winged eyeliner.
I think I am just lazy when it comes to eyeliner, that and I give up too easily when it goes wrong. I love the way a wing can look, so I need to get practicing.

8) Take part in a charity event, such as Sports relief again.
I love these types of events and raising money for people in need, so to be a part of something like this again and do more good this year is definitely a goal.

9) Visit a place that has rescued bears and look after them for a day.
I've seen quite a few places through social media that have rescued bear cubs from poachers and I would love to be able to go and help. I've wanted a pet bear since I was little and of course as I got older realized that was, and probably never will, happen but to be able to take care of one and be up close to one would mean everything to me.

10) Make a proper Panettone from scratch.
Looking at these recipes it always seems rather complicated, so I think to actually accomplish this would make me feel rather satisfied and I would be super excited to show my Nanna and Grandad.

11) Have a big family party/get together.
It's been a while since I feel like I've been able to get all my friends together for a party and family too. I adored my wedding day as it was just so much fun having family and friends all together having a good time. To be able to have some kind of party like this again, in a beautiful setting would be a dream!

12) Go a day without technology.
I had to pinch this one from Kirsty as it is something I often tell myself I should do. To spend the day with my husband with no distraction as to worrying about tweeting or just scrolling through my phone because it's there, would be amazing. Getting him off his too would be fantastic. :p

13) Spend a full day on the beach.
I'd love to watch the sunrise and sunset, spend the day relaxing and enjoying the simplicity of the sea and sand. Switch off from the world and just live in the moment.

14) Go to Italy.
We have been saying this for the past few years now, but I really would love to go back and visit, to see my family and show my husband how amazing it is.

15) Visit a donut shop.
Donuts are the one thing that when I seem to crave one I never end up going to buy them. Don't know if that's just me? but I see them at the grocery store or I day dream of Krispy Kreme, then always end up eating something else like chocolate, my donut craving being left unsatisfied. This year I would love to find somewhere unique that makes awesome donuts and try all different flavours. I blame California Donuts on Instagram for my donut fascination. :)

16) Have my 4th Chuck marathon.
I can quote this show and remember every episode but nothing beats curling up and actually watching it. It seems to get better and better every time and I never fail to smile, laugh and cry throughout. It really is the best show ever.

17) Re-create more makeup looks that I watch on YouTube.
There are so many looks that I adore from the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Amanda Ensing, I'm determined this year to experiment more with my makeup and attempt more of my favourite looks, stepping out of my comfort zone.

18) Do 10 proper push ups in a row.
I love leg day but have to admit that working on my upper body isn't as much fun, I am a little weakling when it comes to upper body strength. This year I am determined to change that and succeed in doing 10 push ups without stopping.

19) Have more movie nights.
I love movies and getting lost in another world for 2 hours or so. My husband and I are big on curling up and watching our favourite TV shows but we don't often venture off to the cinema and get the whole movie experience. Having watched Creed and Dirty Grandpa at Parrswood Cinema while home, I found that it was actually rather nice to get out and see them on the big screen and would love to do it more often.

20) Write more letters.
I used to be really good at this. Owl post is my favourite. I love getting cute stationary and writing cards and letters to people as I think its so much nicer to receive handwritten notes than emails and that taking the time to do that can often brighten someone's day. With my full time job, working on the blog and our YouTube channel last year, I have to admit that my sending people letters slowed down. This year, I want to change that. Time to purchase some cute stationary...any excuse! :p

21) Do something that scares me.
I don't exactly know what yet but I feel I should do something that I wouldn't normally do. Something that would really push me out of my comfort zone and that I would usually say no to. I'll keep you posted.

22) Finish a tube of lipstick/liquid lipstick.
Again I had to pinch this one from Kirsty. I have quite a few lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and would love to get to the end of a tube. I need to have the confidence to use them for every day looks.

23) Blog/Write in a coffee shop.
My desk and my own little space is my favourite place to write but I love the idea of curling up in the corner of a coffee shop, doing a little people watching and seeing what I would be inspired to write about.

24) Learn a song from start to finish in Italian.
I know a lot of Italian songs but always start singing during the chorus or one little line. To learn an entire song and actually sing it with a good accent and know what it all means would be awesome.

25) Bake something creative.
Kelly and I challenged ourselves last year when she made Captain America's shield out of mini cupcakes and I made Thor's hammer out of Rice Krispy treats. I adored the way it turned out and literally could not stop smiling at my creation and the fact that I actually made it. I want to get creative in the kitchen again and use my imagination to create something extravagant.

26) Own a little black dress.
Sprucing up my wardrobe a little would be a dream and to own a staple like a little black dress would get me on the right track towards being a smidge of the fashionista I dream of being.

27) Have a girlie sleepover with my Mum and sisters.
Be it in Florida or Stockport, no phones, no distractions, no work, no stress just spending time with each other talking books, boys and everything in between! :p

28) Write a children's book.
So many ideas floating around in my head. I have done lots of story boards, so now it's just time to focus, finish it and then see what comes next. :)

I hope you enjoyed my 28 things to do in my 28th year. Thank you Kirsty for the inspiration. I plan on writing this list down in one of my notebooks and ticking it off as I go along. I also thought it would be fun to document this through my Instagram. When I accomplish something I will also take a picture so you can see. That's a little more motivation to strive to get things done! :) You can follow me over on Instagram at: 'LBlossom' :)

Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Hi Lucy :)

    I enjoyed reading your list and if you get them all ticked off you're in for a very exciting year!

    There are a few I'd like to accomplish myself such as writing more letters - because I think they're special and more personal than emails etc, and going a day without technology - although this may prove tricky!!

    Some ideas for something that scares you could be a bungee, skydive, or swimming with sharks! All things I've done which terrified me haha!

    Also, you absolute must visit a donut shop. Yummy!

    David xx

    1. Hey David, thank you so much for reading! :) Oh wow, that is incredibly awesome that you have bungee jumped and skydived, I think I would completely chicken out doing those things but they are such good ideas and definitely scare me. I feel that one is going to be a hard one for be to tick off! :p I will post pictures of the donut shop for sure too! :)
      Good luck with the things you would like to accomplish too and let us know when you do them! :)