28 things to do at 28 - Kelly!

So today it's my turn to share with you the 28 things I wish to accomplish now that I am 28 years of age! Enjoy! :)

1 - Try out a new make up look. I rarely use a lot of make up unless we are filming our youtube videos, even then, it's not a whole lot. Lucy is way better at experimenting than me and loves her make up gurus on youtube, but I really want to learn a thing or too and actually change it up and do something different this year.

2 - Complete all five levels of Rosetta Stone. I mentioned this one in my new year goals and I really hope to achieve it by the end of the year. It's very doable as I was on a roll last year. Being home has halted my progress slightly on the program even though I do talk to my Nanna and Grandad everyday, practicing words and reading their Italian books.

3 - Take a trip to Italy. It has been way too long since we last visited and in the last year I have researched so many amazing restaurants, bakeries and cafe's that I really want to see. I also want my husband to meet our family and see where we spent holidays as kids.

4 - Make Grandad's pizza from scratch. We always use recipes from our grandparents when cooking in America but we have never made Grandad's famous pizza completely from scratch. The yeast part always throws us off because Grandad never fully explains exactly what he does, we just watch and then gobble up the results!

5 - Write more recipes for our cookbook and get it published. We have so many more recipes to add to our cookbook since spending the last two months at home and I really want to spend time writing them down properly, as well as the stories to go with them, and start to get a complete book sorted.

6 - Go to a boxing gym or get better at boxing in my spare time. When we were first getting into shape years and years ago, we would go with our brother to a very old school gym full of older men who were all super in to their fitness. Our Mum and Dad knew some of the guys there so we always felt happy and comfortable. We would try and keep up with them and they pushed us lots. One of the things I enjoyed doing was boxing and using the speed bag. Watching Rocky and boxing with my brother at his new gym has been lots of fun and I find its something I really enjoy, so I would love to keep it up.

7 - Finish writing my story and then keep writing. I have had so many amazing authors inspire me to write this last year that I really want to sit down and concentrate on getting the stories in my head down on paper. Even if it's just to show me I can do it. Then once I have written one, I want to keep going and write more!

8 - Wear more Jewellery. I have been given some gorgeous pieces of Jewellery from my Auntie for Christmas and my birthday that I love and I always tell myself I am going to wear it all the time. This is something I am terrible at but want to improve as I get older. I mean really, how hard is it to put a pretty necklace on in the morning?

9 - Finally get round to finishing my second run through of Chuck. I adore the show Chuck and feel as though I've seen it way more times than I actually have. This is probably due to the fact that once I'd finished all six seasons the first time, myself and my sisters would just watch random episodes whenever we could. Then I decided I would watch it from start to finish in the right order all over again but am still at the end of season four!

10 - Wear my Chucks more often. We bought a pair of converse while in L.A after completing Route 66 because every Chuck fan needs a pair, of course. I love mine but don't wear them a lot which I vow to change this year.

11 - Bake something from my Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. I love watching Rosanna Pansino on Nerdy Nummies and adore her cookbook, I don't want to just keep it to look at though, I actually want to pick something and then create it.

12 - Actually play a proper video game with my husband. My husband loves video games and I try to play every now and again but having only been used to the Nintendo 64, I never like anything complicated and give up easily. However, I'm sure he would love it if I paid more attention and got better at the ones he loves. Plus it would be nice quality time together.

13 - Try harder with my hair. This is possibly a lie as no matter how many times I say I am going to attempt more with my hair, I never do. But still the image of glowing, wavy locks is never too far from my thoughts. Any suggestions for really good shampoo and conditioner?

14 - Smile more, worry less. Easier said than done. But worth a try. I am a worrier by nature but have to admit that I should relax a little more, as when things work out OK in the end, all the time spent worrying seems such a waste.

15 - Listen to more music. It only takes one note of a song from The Overtones to make me relax and smile. But in America I rarely listen to music, I keep telling myself to invest in a little CD player (I still buy CD's of my favourite bands) so that I can pop a CD in and dance while cooking or cleaning my apartment to take the edge of a homesick or stressful day.

16 - Experiment in the kitchen. I love my go to recipes but find I use them quite a lot. I used to experiment with recipes from different cookbooks I had but stopped due to too many ingredients or lack of ingredients but I miss the excitement of making something new and surprising my husband with it.

17 - Save more. I am quite a good little saver but I still think the older I get I need to be a little more aware of what I'm spending my money on.

18 - Write more letters. Another thing I used to be great at but got out of.

19 - Use my kitchen aid when I bake. My Meme got me the cutest mint coloured kicthen aid that I love but I have to admit I don't use it that often, even if I do bake, I will use a bowl and whisk. It's pure laziness which I vow to stop NOW!

20 - Get my husband to read a book I love. This may sound like a strange one but every time I smile reading one of my lovely romances be it modern day or historical, I want to share them with my husband and see if he can understand just what I enjoy about them so much. He may even end up liking them! :)

21 - Go on a fancy date with my husband and dress appropriately. I always get nervous dressing up and even if we go to a posh restaurant I still get scared that I'm going to be overdressed but recently my Mum gave me a lovely red dress that is quite elegant and I would love to be confident enough to wear it out.

22 - Wake up early on a Sunday and stay in bed with a coffee and a movie. I'm an early bird and can't help getting up and then getting straight in to whatever it is I need to do. But I love having coffee in bed and relaxing with my husband, so this would be fun.

23 - Sit by the lake as the sun comes up. With moving to Florida this year and our apartment being near a lake (or a pond, not picky!) this would be nice, there is something magical about being up when the rest of the world is still asleep.

24 - Watch all of the Rocky movies in order with my husband. Since watching Rocky while at home, he has quickly become one of my favourite characters from a movie. My husband has seen some of the them but not all and he's the kind of person who if there is a series, he has to watch them in order. Example, Harry Potter! :)

25 - Have a picnic on the beach. I don't always like the idea of eating on the beach, I imagine sand everywhere and hair in my face from the wind. But last time we went to Clearwater beach, it was gorgeous and I would love to take a proper picnic and sit and chill.

26 - Go to one of those indoor trampolining places. Last time we went to Clearwater beach, our friends Rob and Sarah mentioned they had a really cool trampolining place, we didn't get to go but I really want to try it. We did Trampolining for 8 years when we were younger but it was a lot of competitions and practice. Now I just want to bounce for enjoyment!

27 - Go to Disney World dressed like a Disney Princess. Once when my husband and I were on the monorail leaving Magic Kingdom, there was another couple sat opposite us, the girl looked so pretty dressed in red, yellow and blue just like Snow White. I smiled at her and plucked up the courage to ask if that's the look she was going for and she seemed so happy that I could tell. I have seen so many Disney princess inspired outfits on pintrest and would love to have a go with an outfit inspired by Rapunzel.

28 - Have a morning where I do something other than look at my phone first. Like most people today, I am on my phone a lot more than I would like to admit, it's the first thing I pick up in the morning while having coffee. I have to "catch up" with everything before getting on with my day. I hate to say it but sometimes I wonder what I ever did before I had a phone with all the latest apps!! A morning without my phone would be a welcome change!

I had so much fun writing this list and can't wait to actually tick some of these things off. Like Lucy said, I am going to keep you updated with what I get done via Instagram, you can find me on there at keggy88. :)

Have a great weekend.
Love Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly :)

    I loved reading your list and hope you manage to accomplish all 28 things! You have some really cool ideas and will have lots of fun if you do them all in the next year!

    I would have a few similar ones such as writing more letters as I enjoy writing and think receiving a letter is now more special than a text/email etc!

    I also need to save more as money burns a hole in my pocket (as my mum says!) and amazingly, I just joined a boxing gym last week as it's something I've always thought of doing but never pursued until now!

    So, best of luck with your list!

    David xx

    1. Hi David, Thank you so much for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the blog!
      That's awesome about the boxing, let me know how you get on! :)

      Hope you are well!
      Kelly xx

  2. This is such a great list, Kelly! :) I love how passionate you are about cooking- the cookbook thing sounds so wonderful! I can't wait to hear/see more about that!

    Also, I'm the same way when it comes to wearing jewelry. I love the way it looks, I own quite a few special pieces (from my mom handed down to her from her mom and pieces that my dad has bought for me) but I just forget to put them on in the morning especially if I'm in a hurry- I tend to get up at the last minute. The last week, I've actually made an effort because my dad bought me a silver/turqoise ring and I've just been so sentimental lately so I think wearing jewelry will become more of a priority for me this year. :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Victoria! Hopefully we will get more done this year with it, our Nanna and Grandad continue to inspire us everyday to get it done! :)

      I know, I'm exactly the same, I definitely wear it more if there is some sentiment behind it! :) Your silver and turquoise ring sounds lovely, I love the colour turquoise!

  3. I love this list! I've got my first boxing lesson wit my personal trainer on Thursday and I'm so excited : D I need to finish another run of Chuck too, we need more Zachary Levi in our lives right? Nerdy Nummies is so easy, you'll be great at making something! Ro makes is so simple to put together.
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you Steph! :) That's awesome, definitely motivation for me to actually do it! A personal trainer would be good to keep me focused...watch this space! :p
      Of course we need more Zachary Levi in our lives, I needn't answer that really ! HaHa it's a given! ;)
      I'm super excited to pick something from the book, I like how Ro breaks everything down, so it's simple, we will definitely have to blog about something we do! :)
      Hope you've had a great weekend!
      Kelly xx