What Chuck taught me about Life!

Never in all of my 27 years have I ever been so emotionally involved in a TV show than I am with the show "Chuck." From the moment I watched the very first episode it captured my heart and it remained there long after the final episode aired five seasons later. 
For those of you who are thinking "I've never heard of that show, what is it?" Well, it's a show about a computer Nerd, Chuck, who ends up with government secrets inside of his head, thanks to an old friend. This makes him an important asset to the CIA. which leads to a rather different career path than he had planned in his "5 year plan!" In the midst of all the fighting baddies, travelling the world, solving government cases and taking down the biggest crime organizations in the world, "Chuck" is also a show about friendship, being there for your family, love and relationships.
Whether I'm happy and want an extra reason to smile or I'm feeling down and need a pick me up, Chuck is the perfect show to watch. In my humble opinion, it is quite simply the best show to have hit our TV screens in recent years. With that being said, here are a few of the things "Chuck" taught me, over 5 seasons and 91 episodes! 

1)  Guys can be emotional and want to talk about their feelings too.
2)  Dressing up and belting out your favourite songs with your best friend is ALWAYS a good idea! (You rock Jeffster!)
3)  Never keep secrets from your family and friends, they are bound to find them out eventually.
4)  You can always trust a Nerd.
5)  Don't hold grudges. Especially with someone you used to be best friends with, there may have
     been a good reason for them doing "that thing they did." (We love you Bryce Larkin)
6)  Never assume that because a girl is sweet and gorgeous, that she can not kick your butt. (Thank          you Sarah Walker)
7)  Every now and again in your life, you have to "Unleash the Casey" inside of you and stand up for      yourself.
8)  Relationships have ups and downs but that doesn't mean you quit. You communicate and work
     through your issues and always have each others back.
9)  Never change! No matter what pressure you may be under from peers or colleagues, always stay
     true to who you are. Throughout the whole entire series Chuck grew up and learnt so much from        all his new experiences but he never changed who he was. His heart and his nerdy nature always        stayed the same and we loved him all the more for it.
10) Being a good person never goes out of style.
11) Finally, no matter what you are going through in life, how stressed, angry, frustrated or scared 
      you may be, breathe and always remember: DON'T FREAK OUT!

Among all of these things, "Chuck" also introduced my sisters and I to Zachary Levi....need I say more?? :)

You can see what all the fuss is about and buy the whole box set of "Chuck" here:
Have a great Wednesday! 
Love Kelly

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  1. I love this post so much! It's all so true. It's one of those shows where the action is cool, but you get so invested in the characters. Which season is your favorite? I think mine is is season 3.
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you Steph! Glad you enjoyed it! Ooh thats so tricky, I loved season 1 and 4 but then again I love them all. I do find season 5 hard to watch though just because you know whats coming and it's like nooooooo!!! :p

  2. Love this post, it really goes to show you how much you can learn from TV shows. Not saying that sarcastically either, I actually feel like I've learnt so much from the different shows I've watched! I've never seen Chuck before properly, definitely want to sit down and watch it now though :)


    1. You should definitely sit down and watch it! Please let me know if you do! :) It's such an awesome show!! :) Thank you do much for reading!

  3. Oh I loved this show - I came to it late, but it was around the time I had fallen in love with a handsome and sweet tech geek with curly dark hair, so it was perfect timing to discover it. #lovezachlevi