This weekend Nanna is 85 & Grandad is 90!

Today's blog is rather simple but we couldn't let these next few days pass by without acknowledging the birthdays of two of our most favourite people in the whole entire universe, especially since they are rather special birthdays. As the title states today our Nanna is 85 and Monday will see our Grandad turn 90!! Quite something if you ask us! 
We've written numerous blog posts and are always tweeting and writing Facebook statuses on how much they mean to us, because well, they quite literally mean everything to us! 
We count our lucky stars for them every day, they are a constant source of love, happiness, inspiration and contentment in our lives. Childhood stories and pictures bring us so much joy that we could sit for hours chatting to them about the days we spent at their house as kids and look through album after album of photos with grins on ours faces. We adore learning more about their history and the Italian side of our family and could not be any prouder of who they are!
Despite, arthritis, angina, loss of eyesight, low blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, they both continue to cook as passionately as ever and are always looking out for their children and grandchildren. One of our Grandad's favourite sayings when we leave their house is "Remember, look after number 1, then you can look after everyone else." It's funny that he says this because they are always looking after everyone else before themselves. 
We could probably write page after page of wonderful things about them quite happily, but just because they make us smile so much, we are going to share some of our favourite photos with you instead! 
Buon Compleanno Nanna and Grandad!
Tanti Auguri!   

We couldn't believe it last year when we discovered these photos in Nanna and Grandads house. We have been asking for years about their restaurant and what it was like and low and behold they had these pictures tucked away in the cupboard. This is just one of the reasons we look up to, and are inspired by them so much, they had a very successful restaurant in Heaton Moor, Stockport (where we live) called "The Red Rose" for just over eighteen years and sold it just before we were born! We adore hearing stories from them about it, as well as hearing what guests of the restaurant have to say about it. (Their current next door neighbors used to visit a lot) We can happily inform you that the reviews are all positive, as if we would expect anything less! :) 

Aren't we cute? ;p We love this photo of us in bed with our Nanna, she looks so beautiful and happy! :) When we were kids we used to sleepover all the time and every morning before going down for breakfast Grandad would bring us a milky coffee in a glass and a kit kat! ;p Obviously we were older than we are in this picture when the coffee came in, but the memories are too good not to share! 

Doing the thing we do best when we are at Nanna and Grandads...eating!! 

I look soooo different in this photo and to be honest it really isn't my favourite of me, however, I absolutely adore it because of Nanna and Grandad, I remember we were making pancakes and I randomly got out my phone and said smile and they did!!! Usually they don't like having their pictures taken but on this day they didn't complain. I have one somewhere of just me and Nanna and she is smiling so big on that one too. My Mum absolutely loves them and they may just be two of my favourite photos ever! :)

Last but not least, we have two photos from Christmas just gone. We were extremely thankful for another Christmas with them both, especially since we were both at home for the first time in two years. We had a wonderful day and took so many pictures, naturally. We are loving that our camera has a selfie mode so we can see what we are snapping! 

One day we will find our old photo albums where we have tons of old baby photos and pictures of us in Italy...oh the throwbacks we could do then!!! :p But for now, we hope you've enjoyed this post and some of the pictures that hold a very special place in our hearts, along with the people in them!

Happy Friyay!!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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