Things we're looking forward to in 2016!

2015 was a great year, we got to be back together again, did way more with this here blog than we could have imagined and met so many wonderful people because of it. We read some awesome books by authors like Rebecca Raisin and Holly Martin, got to see some great films like Star Wars and Avengers Age of Ultron and we spent a wonderful two weeks with our family back in June. With that all firmly behind us now, we thought it would be fun to share some of the things we are most looking forward to in 2016! :)

Make Up!

Jaclyn Hill's Make Up line.

I (Lucy) feel like I have been waiting forever for the release of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. I feel like the minute she mentioned it I wanted to be able to buy the products the next day...but alas, building a brand/having the makeup made from scratch takes some time...of course. :p In all seriousness I absolutely can't contain my excitement. I think Jaclyn Hill is a wonderful inspiration and I admire her for dreaming big and being so passionate. Her videos motivate me daily and I just love her. :)


Jenny Oliver's "The Sunshine and Biscotti club." 
When we were browsing Amazon for some new kindle books to download, we came across this title and yes let out a little squeal of glee. 1. We love Jenny Oliver. 2. We love Italy. 3. We love Biscotti. A book made in heaven! This book will be out in May and we can not wait!

Rebecca Raisin's "The little Antique shop under the Eiffel Tower." 
Need we give you an explanation, it's Rebecca Raisin after all?? We ADORED the first book in this series "The Book Shop on the Seine" which you can find our review of here, so we are eagerly awaiting book two out in April.


Captain America Civil War.

Out May 6th, we can not wait for the next installment of Captain America! Why are Cap and Iron Man fighting? Aren't they on the same team? Does Bucky remember Cap? Will they become friends again? So many questions we need the answer to! Plus we love Chris Evans as Captain ever! :)

We have been hearing about this movie and looking out for it for soooo long and finally a release date has been set for January this year (hopefully.) I (Kelly) being a HUGE fan of Rupert Grint have seen and collected all of his movies so far, so this is another one I would like to add to my list! :)

Trip to London and Harry Potter.
We are super excited to be going to London for a few days. We are taking our husbands exploring then finishing the weekend off by meeting our Dad and Jen at the Warner Bros studio tour. It will be our 3rd visit to the tour and we are looking forward to it so so much, especially as we are visiting when it will still be all Christmassy...we are 110% sure that we will not be able to contain our excitement and will be revert back to running around the place like 8 year olds! :p

Being home for Grandad's 90th Birthday and Dad's 60th.
Two of the biggest reasons in us taking a chance and deciding to stay in England for a few months was due to some big events taking place early on this year. Our Nanna will be 85 on the 29th January just before our Grandad turns 90 on the 1st Feb. February is a busy month for us birthday wise as after Grandad it is our Dad's, Kelly's Chris' and then ours. After spending the past 6 years back and forth from Kentucky and missing many a birthday celebration, this year we wanted with all our might to be by our families side when our Grandad hit the big 90 and Dad the big 60! After all family is everything. :)

Moving to Florida.
Though we are not exactly thinking about it right this second due to wanting to enjoy every single second here in the UK, we are looking forward to new adventures that await us when we return to the US of A. We have all been living in Louisville KY for quite some time now, so though we are going to miss our awesome friends, we are excited for new opportunities and doors opening in the Sunshine State.

What are you looking forward to this year? Any holidays, big events or books/movies you are excited about?

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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