That's a Sirius amount of Selfies! Warner Bros tour London: Part 1!

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to visit the Warner Bros Studio tour in London for the third time! We were extra excited because this time we were going to see Hogwarts in the snow plus the Hogwarts Express.
To make it extra, extra exciting our Husbands were with us too. Finally, after we have talked about it to them on numerous occasions, we were able to take them with us! We had an amazing day, possibly our best trip yet, third times a charm as they say! There were tons of new props, lots of cool demonstrations, a new and improved Backlot cafe and of course the whole new Hogwarts Express expansion. It was incredible! It's safe to say our husbands had a great time and we had so much fun sharing the experience with them. We took tons of pictures including quite a few group selfies, of which we thought were too good not to share! With that being said, join us as we take you through the World of Harry Potter via selfies... :p

Christmas time in the Great Hall was so so pretty. We love Christmas trees and decorations so this just looked perfect to us. Truly magical! They had the Christmas feasts set out on the tables too, the right hand side was all savory food and the left hand side of the room had Christmas cakes and flaming (literally) Christmas puddings!

Our husbands enjoyed seeing the potions room, the Gryffindor common room and boys dormitory in this section of the tour. It is incredible how detailed and how BIG some of these props are! Here we are stood by the giant school clock.

It's the HOGWARTS EXPRESS! This was super exciting and looked so cool, we took pictures in the carriages they had to the side of the shop, they were the professional pictures you could get, after that we actually boarded the train and had a look inside where the actual actors and actresses stood, fantastic! Each of the train compartments were dressed like they were in a particular movie, all going in movie and book order! This was such a great idea to add on to the tour! 

So not only did we get to see Hogwarts in the snow, finally, but we got to see it when it was actually snowing!! Yes it actually snowed, little bit late for a white Christmas but we enjoyed seeing London covered/sprinkled with snow none the less. Here though we are stood underneath a special effects snow machine, very cool indeed. We loved how throughout the tour there were little effects like this, for instance, they had a stand set up showing what kind of fake snow they used while filming and they also showed you how they made Harry's footprints in the snow when he's under his invisibility cloak in Hogsmeade! So clever! 

This may be our favourite part of the tour, if it's even possible to have one! There is just something magical about Diagon ally...go figure! Haha no really, it just looks so amazing and makes you smile. To think that we were walking where the actors actually stood is just extremely exciting to us! The shops are so detailed and colourful. The people who designed everything are just pure genius!

And of course here is Hogwarts in the snow, or what you can see of it anyway! Again, the detail and talent and skill that went into making these movies is just fantastic! It never fails to impress and amaze us that there were so many insanely creative people who came up with this world. They didn't just come up with it, they went above and beyond their imaginations and came up with the perfect, wonderful world we all had in our heads! It's just unbelievable how good they all did! This giant model of Hogwarts castle is a testament to that!

Last but not least, we couldn't resist a picture with the gorgeous tree in the lobby on the way out! We know how we want our tree to look next year! :)

Hope you enjoyed our little look at The Warner Bros Studio Tour via some fun little selfies. Stay tuned for another blog from our trip, we just took too many photos for one post! :)

Thank you to Warner Bros Tour London for yet another wonderful day! The tour just gets better and better! 
Love Lucy and Kelly

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