Potions and Props! Warner Bros Tour London: Part 2!

As promised here are some more Warner Bros tour pictures that we just had to share! We seriously get so giddy every time we visit this magical place and no matter how many times we say, "We have two scrapbooks filled already, we don't need anymore photos!" It's a lie because, well, of course we always need more photos! As we said in Wednesday's blog, there were lots of cool things happening this time, demonstrations, inside looks at certain props and techniques! It was awesome! :)

One of the demonstrations just happened to be The Goblet of Fire! The tour guide simply pressed a button and the whole thing moved revealing the Goblet itself! Amazing! The case was incredibly detailed with gems, rubies and engravings, it looked stunning! As the case moved we were just left in awe imagining what it would have been like on set, we got to see the flames turn from blue to red and an actual name shoot out too!

Christmas food in The Great Hall!! All the food looked so delicious and the Christmas decorations made it that extra special! We love The Great Hall especially during the Holidays in the movies, it truly looks magical! :) 

How cute do the Christmas cakes look?? They had these snowmen cakes, tangerines and Christmas puddings placed all the way a long this table...

... and even showed us how the flaming Christmas Puddings worked! They looked so cool. We're pretty sure the lady said these particular ones were made out of concrete though, so not so tasty! ;) 

We adore seeing the Gryffindor common room, it's an iconic set that you just wish you could have spent your childhood on...don't you?? Decorated for Christmas with the tree, the roaring fire and garlands, it just made us happy! It really sinks in when seeing these sets, and then coming home to watch the movies, just how much these films and books were apart of our childhood! 

They had moved Alan Rickman's Snape costume to a different part of the potions classroom with a little sign commemorating his passing this past week. RIP Alan Rickman. Such a wonderful actor and by the sounds of it, an even more wonderful man. Thank you for making Snape come to life so incredibly perfect, you were the vision we saw in our heads from the minute Snape appeared on the page.

This whole set was new to us and was very cool albeit a bit scary! They had the whole scene set up from Malfoy Mannor with a screen showing how it was filmed and then the finished product! 

Over the last few months we had seen so many of these pictures online, so we couldn't wait to get there to take our own. We liked how they had a few different ones set up so you didn't have to wait in a huge line. You could also get a professional picture done too! To Hogwarts we go!

Next to the train they had about four of these compartments set up, one was where they took the professional picture (we each got one with a different green screen in the window) then you moved onto another one for a short video! :)

We mentioned earlier that they had a new and improved Backlot cafe, so we had to take a food picture to show you. Now, the cafe is a lot bigger, indoors and has a few more food options like this delicious mac and cheese! You get quite a lot for your money and it was very very tasty! You can now also get Butterbeer ice cream and yes it's as good as it sounds! :) 

Have any of you guys ever been on the tour? What were your favourite parts? Would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments below! :)
Have a great day!
Lucy and Kelly

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