Our guide to Travelling!

We were very fortunate growing up that we got to travel quite a bit with our family. We always remember Mum and Dad being very organized with our passports, snacks and activities and everything going very smoothly with getting the six of us to and from our destination.
For the past six years we have been travelling back and forth from our home in Stockport to Louisville KY, this includes one change, 2-3 hour layovers and usually consists of a one hour flight followed by a 6-7 hour flight. In addition, we have explored many a place in the USA hopping on a plane for an hour or two and having to move through the airports rather swiftly. We have done these journeys together and also separately and feel that we have become quite efficient travelers through all these experiences. So today we bring you our tips, tricks and advice for travelling! :)

Feeling Comfortable!

Kelly and I often feel a little travel sick when flying, our heads get a bit fuzzy and we feel what we can only describe as 'icky'. Therefore, we like to keep a bag on hand, usually a clear bag as somethings are liquids, to help make the journey more relaxing and comfortable. This bag includes such goodies:

Our trusty Blistex. We love this stuff!!! Dry lips is a no no, especially when trying to relax and this stuff is the best!

Hand cream. The same as above can be said for dry hands, don't you just start feeling irritated if your hands are dry and hurting? So we make sure to take a travel sized hand cream where ever we go. 

Mints, a spritz of our favourite perfume (travel size), this Evian water spray, a touch of blush or mattifying powder and hand sanitizer help to keep us feeling clean and fresh when flying. We can't stress enough how having these items handy help to keep us calm and refreshed.

Paracetamol or travel tablets! If you are anything like us, travel sickness tablets are a must. Even on a one hour flight if we haven't taken any we gets headaches and feel nauseous. We recommend having these readily available, in addition to girlie products... just in case. :)

Be Over prepared!

Keeping your passports and boarding cards safe is definitely a must. We would recommend keeping them together in a wallet that's somewhat big enough that you can't lose it at the bottom of your bag. Be sure to keep it within reach in your bag instead of at the bottom with a bunch of books and magazines piled on top. You will need to access it a few times before you take your seat on the plane.  

It's always good to keep snacks handy. Of course you can purchase things at the airport but they are often a lot more expensive. In addition, travelling can sometimes take a lot out of you and make you feel tired, especially if you started early in the morning and have to deal with layovers, if you are trying to eat healthy but need to buy something from the shops, its a lot easier to stray and buy something full of sugar when you're in that hangry state. (Yes we are owning up to that one. :p ) So why not pack a little bag of nuts, a healthy snack bar or a small bag of rice cakes. 

Smooth sailing through security! 

Wear comfortable pants that don't need a belt, this saves having to take off your belt when you are going through security. It may not be a pain to some but when you're trying to grab all of your belongings in a hurry with people behind you, it doesn't help if you are holding onto your pants to stop them falling down!

Wear slip on shoes, no laces, zips or whatever else, just something easy to slip on and off when asked!

Sort out all of your liquids in to a clear plastic bag before you get to the airport, that way you can just take the bag out of your handbag, set it in the tub and place it back in once you've been through. No trying to remember where all your liquids are in your handbag and gathering them together while holding up the line.

Be aware of what electronics you have on you that will need to be taken out of their cases, this will save you having to be called back for forgetting to take say your Kindle out of your backpack. (Been there done that)

Hope this post helps if you are going travelling this year. We would love to know where you are jetting off to or what your dream holiday would be in the comments below!

Safe travels and have a great weekend!

Love Lucy and Kelly

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