Must Visit: Foundation Coffee.

We were super excited to get home for the Christmas holidays as, primarily, we just couldn't wait to spend time with our family. In addition, the excitement also came from seeing the changes that have occurred in our hometown. We have been in America now for the past 6 years, so you can bet their are always new places for us to visit and find when we come back across the pond. One place that we had heard so much about, from our brother, was Foundation Coffee House, newly opened in Manchester's Northern Quarter. We LOVE our coffee and adore going to coffee shops and after stalking this place on Instagram and Twitter for the past few months we couldn't wait to pay a visit. :)

Our brother, Chris, came across this place as it is owned by the same awesome guy who owns the new gym he started working at back in August. Chris had nothing but great things to say about his new boss Adam and both QDos Gym and Foundation Coffee House. Upon meeting Adam at the gym a few weeks ago, I could see why. Adam is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. Through talking with him I could tell just how much he loved both his gym and his coffee shop, in addition to how much thought, energy, imagination and love went into both. I will be talking more about QDos fitness in a post to come but today is going to be all about Foundation Coffee House. :)

This past Saturday we had a killer workout at QDos thanks to our brother and then headed into Manchester and to Foundation Coffee House. Kelly and I squealed with glee just looking at it from the outside, it looked so cute, cool and rather vintage. Everything from the font, to the designs on the windows made us smile. The place itself is huge but still manages to give a really cozy, warm vibe and the smell of the coffee as soon as you walk through the door is phenomenal. Honest to goodness you can truly smell the richness and quality of the coffee.

The design of Foundation is somewhat simple but far from plain. I adored the white, fresh, crisp atmosphere and look. Furthermore, it has this sense of uniqueness to it. It feels like the perfect place to hang out with friends but also where you can go to curl up and read a book or do some work.

With our brother having been before he recommended the 'Bullet proof' coffee, but Kelly and I couldn't resist trying a Hot Chocolate too, as they sounded amazing. We decided to share a 'Bullet proof' and a 'White Ivory Coast'. Our brother ordered the 'Venezuela 58%' hot chocolate, Kelly's Chris went with the 'Bullet proof' also and my Chris decided on a 'Red eye' and a piece of 'cookies and cream' cake. (I know, it's hard not to get confused with all the Chris' :p)

Now I have to say the Hot Chocolate's were out of this world. Yes, we all had to try everything! :p The 'White ivory coast' was so smooth and delicious, sweet but really not too sweet, it kind of reminded Kelly and I of a milky bar and we LOVE milky bars! Chris' 'Venezuela 58%' hot chocolate was extremely rich and a tad bitter but it also tasted so good. You drank it knowing that it was pure and such great quality that it was hard not to enjoy it. As for the 'Bullet proof', it was excellent, mixed with coconut oil and vanilla to give it a unique and scrumptious flavor, it was yum. My Chris is one for strong coffee and therefore his 'Red eye' did not disappoint. He enjoyed his 'Cookies and cream' cake, though I wasn't blown away by the cake, it was still really good.

I can't wait to go back to Foundation to try all that they have to offer. Their menu covers everything from cakes, brownies, sandwiches, iced drinks, lattes, hot chocolates, to salads, protein shakes, protein pancakes, porridge and smoothies. Not only does it make a great hang out for catching up with friends over a delicious treat, but it makes for an awesome stop if you are looking for a healthy option too. I am eager to try one of their protein shakes as they sounded amazing... 'Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl', 'Molten chocolate'... yes please. Moreover, the price of these divine quality coffees is enough to make you think twice next time your thinking about going to one of the chain coffee shops. Coffees start from as little as 2 GBP and sandwiches from 3.50 GBP. This coffee house gets a thumbs up all round! :)

Check out their website: Foundation Coffee House.
Follow them on Twitter @FDNCoffee
Instagram: fdncoffee

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful day!
Love Lucy xx

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