Makeup Monday: Makeup Geek/Jaclyn Hill Makeup Look!

I had been tempted by Makeup Geeks foiled eye shadows from the minute they came out. They looked absolutely stunning and the range of colours just so beautiful and eye catching that I was eager to try them. I watched many YouTubers rave about them and create the most gorgeous looks with these shadows but it wasn't until Jaclyn Hill did her Thanksgiving tutorial that I took the plunge and purchased two. They also happened to have a free shipping coupon around the holidays so I thought why not?! :) I do own four other Makeup Geek shadows that I purchased quite a few months ago, but they are all neutral, cream/beige tones and I really wanted to try some colourful shades.

To re-create Jaclyn Hill's look I purchased 'Enchanted Forest' (black and white packaging) and 'Jester' (top right). I don't know why but I was just drawn to this olive green, there is something about it that makes me smile. It looked absolutely amazing on Jaclyn that I couldn't wait to play with it. The other colour I picked up was 'Pegasus', it's an Aqua/Turquoise Blue that is even more beautiful in person. I love blue's and turquoise and fancied having it in my collection! :) 

Here I have swatched them, from left to right: 'Jester', 'Enchanted Forest' and 'Pegasus'. The picture doesn't quite do them justice as they are so incredibly pigmented and bright, it was a little hard to really show just how vibrant they are through the picture.

This past weekend I decided to have a little play with Jester and try Jaclyn Hill's look, I didn't have all the same transition shades she used so I improvised a little. I absolutely loved how it turned out and the Makeup Geek shadows were a dream to work with, smooth, blendable and very pigmented. I'm not the best when it comes to selfies, I really just tried my best to be able to show you how beautiful and sparkly and bright this foiled eye shadow is. I'm definitely going to keep practicing with it as it's been a hot minute since I did anything this bold. I don't think my blending is quite up to par with Jaclyn but with more practice I hope to be at least a 1/4 as good one day! :p

I'd have to say that Makeup Geek would have to be one of my favourite brand of shadows, they are so affordable and such good quality, I look forward to adding to my collection! :)

Have you tried any of the Makeup Geek eye shadows? Do you have any favourites?

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Love this!! I am also such a big fan of makeup and I get excited when the shadows are highly pigmented. Haha. Looks gorgeous! I hope to try some day too. :)

    1. Thank you so much Hannah! :) aww Haha, I know I was super excited when I swatched them, they are stunning! I hope you get to try them soon! xx

  2. I really love this look! Also from Makeup Geek I can recommend Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear and Bitten! Also I really want a lot more, they're addictive!

    Feel free to check out my blog also :)

    Claudia |

    1. I totally agree, I could happily keep collecting till I have them all! :p Ooh I think I have peach smoothie but I have been so tempted by Bitten too, it looks beautiful! :)

      Will definitely check out your blog! xx