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We always seem to find the coolest tags at Underland to Wonderland and have done a few in the past on this blog. So when we found the "If I could" tag, we thought it would be fun for the new year! We would love to read your answers in the comments below! :) Thank you Danielle!

If I could live anywhere:
Lucy: I would want to create some sort of island that has a house for every member of my family so we can all live close by! :) I love America and all the places we have lived while here but I love England and miss a lot of British traditions. I also wonder if I would be able to live in Italy and enjoy the simpler life. Its fun having family in so many places as I get to travel and visit lots of Countries and States but to have them all in one place would be my favourite thing in the world and it wouldn't matter where I lived if I could have that. :)
Kelly: As I've gotten older and especially since being away from home for the last 6 years, I've realized that if I could live anywhere without worrying about Visa's, jobs, people or whatever else needs thinking about, I would always pick living near family. Wherever they are is where I want to be.

If I could have any home:
Lucy: I would love a house that fits Chris and I and our family comfortably, nothing too extravagant but at the same time it would be awesome to have a big kitchen, a space for Chris to have a studio and if I'm really dreaming big I'd love a cozy room for writing and my makeup collection and a room for guests! :p
Kelly: I would say the most important room in my house would be the kitchen, I would love space for an island in the middle and maybe a coffee bar. I don't really need a big house, just one comfy enough to fit a family nicely with a pretty garden you can play in. You know which house I love? The Burrow! haha maybe a little bigger, but that screams comfort and homeliness to me! :) 

If I could have any garden:
Lucy: I'm not much of a gardener whereas our Mum loves it and always plants the prettiest flowers. We used to be in the garden all the time digging up potato's with Grandad but over the years I have become a little more squeamish in regards to bugs and creepy crawlies that like to make an appearance while picking figs. I would love to have vegetable patches and a little spot for dining outside in the summer. :)
Kelly: ooh I would love a garden big enough for a fig tree, a lemon tree and a cherry tree. Our Grandad planted a fig tree in his garden 40 something years ago and it has slowly taken over the garden but is filled with so many happy memories for us, same with the 4 cherry trees he has. A childhood filled with the excitement of picking fresh fruit and thinking about what to make with it. What could be better?

If I could be on holiday right now:
Lucy: I would be in Praiano Italy with all my family. Visting Pansa, drinking coffee and eating my favourite cakes in the world while writing, researching and taking everything in.
Kelly: Ditto. Italy all the way, its been way to long since our last visit and I daydream constantly about visiting our family, having coffee and cakes sat outside Pasticceria Pansa and practicing my Italian.

If I could have any job:
Lucy: Writing, writing, writing. Any job where I can be writing and being creative. I love working on our YouTube channel, I love writing for this blog and I dream of having books published one day. :)
Kelly: I would love to be able to blog for a living, I've really enjoyed writing more within the last year and would be so happy doing it full time! 

If I could have any talent:
Lucy: I've always wanted to be able to sing. I adore when my husband plays his guitar and sings and every now and again I like to sing along but I can in no way hold a tune! :p Ooh and drawing, I really wish I could draw.
Kelly: I wish I could play an instrument. We played Guitar in primary school but stopped before we went to high school. A few years back I got a drum kit with all intentions of learning. I did teach myself a few things but I wish i'd had lessons as I've always wanted to be able to play them.

If I could live any day again:
Lucy: I hope to have many more wonderful family days spent together where everyone is happy, healthy, laughing and having a good time, those are my favourite days that I'd happily live over and over again. Also, to live another day with my Nanna Knott and Grandad George would be the best thing ever as I miss them and think about them every day. My wedding day would be up there too! :)
Kelly: I agree with Luc, my wedding day was a lot of fun and I'd love to relive it but it's hard to think of a specific day. Any days where all the family have been happy and enjoying time together are great memories that I'd happy relive over and over. For example yesterday we had a wonderful day out with our brother, going to the gym, then out for lunch and to a coffee shop, after that myself and my husband went to see Nanna and Grandad who were both in good spirits and then we all had dinner round the table and played "Heads up" and "Taboo" for like 2 hours. Moments and days like that are priceless...especially when you don't live in the same country for most of the year.

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Lucy and Kelly


  1. Oh I LOVE all of these answers! Lucy's idea of an island with like a family colony sounds awesome haha. And Kelly, the Burrow? Yes!!! The Burrow's kitchen is spot on for me!


    1. Aww yay! Thank you Danielle! :) We really enjoyed answering the questions! And really, wouldn't The Burrow be perfect? :) xx