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I've never understood critics or people that like to be mean to people for no reason. It is just something I can't quite get my head around. I do believe in constructive criticism, though I feel that that can still be a case of 'It's not what you say, its how you say it", but of course I would like someone to tell me if the cupcakes I just made are too crumbly, don't taste of anything or are lacking that something sweet. Yes, we need constructive criticism to progress, move forward and be the best we can possibly be. Recently however, I've read and heard many of the people I watch on YouTube talk about haters and negative comments they receive and I wanted to actually touch on it specifically today.

Jaclyn Hill is one of my favourite YouTubers. I love her tutorials and her personality and just think she is great. Through her YouTube and social media, I often hear how people complain, criticize and voice their opinion on the money she makes, how she shows off, how she's changed, how she is all about expensive things these days and it honestly truly irks me. I remember hearing some rap song a while ago with the lyrics "The rich get richer and the poor stay poor", or to something of that effect, and it got under my skin. It made me think of Jaclyn Hill and how people seem to have the mind set that she is, and always has been, rolling in money, As if somehow one day a magic fairy cast a spell and just made her rich.

This kind of mind frame makes me sad about our society. Granted, I am aware that in the wonderful world of celebrity there are most definitely people who have barely lifted a finger and who are as rich as can be, that whole celebrity cycle baffles me but what can you do? I don't see it changing anytime soon. On the other hand though their are people who work their asses off to make something of themselves. You just have to follow The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, to see his story of building, clawing and working his way to the top. And it's not just The Rock, so many amazing people from all walks of life, actors, musicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, business men and women, started out with nothing and made a name for themselves.

I understand that in today's world of social media it can be easy to feel a tad jealous of people who have that flashy car, high end handbag, or a makeup room to die for, but I feel like we need to always take a step back and pause before being judgmental and acting like they don't deserve it because you don't have it too. I feel that we really need to encourage the youth of today and ourselves to aspire to be like these hard working men and women, instead of simply labelling them rich because they are "famous". We need to highlight what they did and do to earn that money.

I believe that the likes of Jaclyn Hill can be an incredible role model for young people to have. I don't recall her meeting a magic fairy Godmother and suddenly being able to afford nice things. If I am correct I remember her starting a YouTube channel while working at Mac and busting her butt as a Makeup Artist, before her channel started to grow. With growth she worked even harder to make her channel the best it could be, new lighting, backdrops and content. Again, causing her channel to connect with more people, that meant more videos, editing, filming, reaching out to brands to create new ideas. Behind the scenes it's always a hustle to get your name out there, she had to reach out to others to build her business, make a living, pay her bills and in turn give her subscribers some really awesome coupon codes. In time she has been able to collaborate with some huge brands and get a product in Sephora. To me that is extremely inspiring and all credit goes to how hard she has worked for it. Currently Jaclyn is working on her own makeup line (which I absolutely cannot wait for) and she is doing it all on her own, using her own dime to ensure it is of high quality and to her standards. Again, to me, that is something to be respected.

Moreover, and I think one of the biggest reasons I feel drawn and inspired by people like Jaclyn Hill and why I want to stand up for her, is that I have had such an amazing upbringing. My family went on holidays, there was always food on the table and I don't remember Mum and Dad ever worrying about paying bills, and the reason why?... My Dad is freakin AWESOME!!!! Oh and guess what? Dad never mentioned rubbing a magic lamp and being granted three wishes to become comfortable in money. Nope, he went from pumping gas and working many little jobs to building his own business. He started with a few pounds in his pocket, made sacrifices, took risks, believed in himself and never gave up or made excuses. He works long days, deals with an awful amount of stress and absolutely busts his ass to support and look after his family. I admire him to no end.

So my words for those who like to judge and be negative in this such way, is please think before you type or speak, think about what goes on behind the scenes before you complain and bitch and moan. Switch your mind to positivity and think of what you can learn from these people and what you can take away from their success stories to create your own! :)

Dream big!
Love Lucy xx

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