50 Things that make me happy!

We loved reading this post over on Marvel Steph's blog. There is just something so fun and positive about reading things that make people happy. We feel it's such a wonderful way to spread love for the little things. In addition, by sharing what makes us smile it promotes the awesome things in life and focuses on encouraging positivity rather than negativity. :) Thank you Steph for the inspiration for this post! :) Go check out her blog if you haven't already, we love it!

From quotesgram.com


My Family
Inside film/TV jokes with my sisters
Watching Chuck
All things Harry Potter

Books, lots of them
Making people happy
Food, all kinds
Being snuggled up on the couch/in bed
When my husband makes me laugh
When my husband gets excited about the same things as me
Italian Cakes
Pictures, taking them and looking back at them
Mum cuddles
Zachary Levi
Thoughtful gestures/gifts
My Nanna and Grandad
Lunch with my Nanna and Grandad
Learning Italian...finally
Hearing the Italian Language
New piles of books to read
Rupert Grint
The Overtones
Cooking with mum while dancing to The Overtones
Days out with my Dad, car shows, Harry Potter etc
Meals together round the table
Blogging with Lucy
Chris Evans
Being creative
Playing board games with my family
Being at home
Cooking Nanna and Grandads recipes
Fairy lights
Christmas time
Christmas decorations
My Disney adventures with my Husband
Seeing my husband happy
Being a Twin
Watching good wrestling namely old wrestling or Bayley
Sending and receiving post
Coffee shops
Learning about my family history
Seeing my mum happy while reading a book I recommended
Painted nails
Coffee mugs...I have way too many mugs!

Anything and everything to do with my Husband
My wonderful Family
My Nanna and Grandad's cooking, the best ever
Coffee mornings
Writing stories, blogging, lists  and notes
Books, especially romance
Going to gigs with my husband
Macho Man
Going to the gym
Listening to my husband sing and play guitar
Talking to my Mum
Preparing this blog/coming up with ideas
Being a twin
All things Chuck
Anything Italian
Grocery shopping
Buying gifts for people
Getting new makeup
When people smile at me
Christmas Trees
Watching Seinfeld, The Office, Chuck and It's always Sunny with my husband
Taking pictures/going through my scrapbooks
My teddy bear Nobby
Thinking about/looking at pictures of my wedding day
Cozy blankets
Big jumpers
Being snuggled up by a fire place
My daycare babies
Finding cute stationary
People who help each other
Watching and taking part in Wrestling
Reading at the beach
Staying in/cancelled plans
Reading my husbands poetry/writing
Connecting with people
Watching Jaclyn Hill/Amanda Ensing
Teaching kids
Buying new notepads/writing pads
Superhero movies, mainly Captain America, Thor and The Avengers
Doing the laundry and having fresh clothes
Having candles lit
When my husband cooks me a yummy dish
Getting into my pajamas
Finding new authors
The character Rocky Balboa, isn't he the sweetest, coolest guy?
All things Harry Potter
Baking for my friends with Kelly
Chocolate buttons
Reading to kids/children's books
Hope you enjoyed reading some of the 50 things that make us happy! We would absolutely love to hear some of the things that make you happy in the comments below! :)
Have a wonderful Monday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. Both these lists are so good! I'm so glad you guys love Chuck as much as me <3 Scrapbooking, the gym and Chris Evans are also necessary to my life : )
    Steph x.

  2. I love this post idea! It always makes me smile to see what makes others happy. I agree with so many of the things on this list. I always wished I was a twin so that I could always have a companion and even switch places with her sometimes, haha. You two are so lucky to have each other :) <3