On the 9th blog of Christmas: Must See/Must Eat: Lapland!

We were 7/8 years old when we visited Lapland. It was extremely exciting and both Kelly and I and our brother and little sister were all as giddy as can be at the thought of meeting Santa. I'm pretty sure we all still have the toys that he gave us.
I received 'Tina Teddy', does anyone remember her? She was a gorgeous teddy that came in a tin, I love cuddly toys and bears and it's still one of my favourite things. Kelly received a Barbie, well a Shelly doll, Barbie's little sister, actually I'm not sure if she still has that one and I can't remember what Chris and Jen got, but I loved my Tina Teddy! :p Santa was awesome and lived in this cozy cabin, I remember giving him cards and gifts too to say thank you for our presents. I love my Mother, she truly is the kindest, sweetest person ever and taught us so much about being grateful and not expecting things. :) We had an absolute blast while in Lapland, we stayed in a cabin with huge bunk beds, we wore snowsuits whenever we left the cabin, we got around on sleds and got to experience riding skidoos, which are basically jet skis for snow. I loved those things. Overall I remember it being a very snuggly, extremely cold, but incredibly fun filled holiday and such a Christmassy and festive place for us kids to experience. I'm pretty sure Mum and Dad enjoyed themselves too. It is definitely an awesome place to take children on a magical Santa adventure and I imagine it would be gorgeous for a romantic getaway for couples too. I would love to go back with my husband one day, so I have been doing my research in order to find some of the Must see/Must eat places in Lapland. :)

Santa Claus Village
Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi

Picture from Google!

This place looks absolutely magical and perfect if you love all things Christmas. It looks like the North Pole in the Santa Claus movies to me and therefore I have it on the top of my list of places to visit. Cute shops, activities, food, elves, Santa, twinkling lights, log cabins, it is a complete winter wonderland and even has an igloo hotel.

Learn more here: http://www.santaclausvillage.info/

Arctic animal Wildlife Park
RanuaZoo – Lapland

When researching I came across Santa Claus Holiday Village, which gives you a ton of ideas as of what to do in Lapland, as well as easy access to booking activities. Upon seeing a picture of a Polar Bear and reading 'If encountering a bear roaming free in nature...' I immediately nodded my head, clicked on the title and said yes please to the Arctic animal Wildlife Park. Yes I want to encounter a bear, yes, please lead the way now!! :) Bears are my absolute favourite animal so the idea of seeing them in such a beautiful setting would be incredible. Furthermore, 'RanuaZoo is home to around 50 species of wild arctic animals and 200 animal specimens.' This place seems amazing. :)

Santa's Salmon Place
Rovaniemi - Finland

The simplicity of this cozy place is very intriguing and just how adorable and perfect does it look? :) There are two menu items. For your savory you have 'Salmon with potato's and bread' and for sweet you have 'Traditional Lappish cheese with cloudberry jam' It's the tradition that makes us want to eat here. The Salmon looks to die for and we feel we must try this Lappish cheese. Their website is enough to warm you up, take a peek: Santa's Salmon Place.

  Northern Lights

The Northern Lights look absolutely out of this world every time I see pictures of them. They are definitely in my Top 5 list of things I would love to experience one day. I learnt that the "Northern Lights are visible on 200 nights out of the year or every other clear night in Finnish Lapland" and this resort in Kakslauttannen that houses glass igloos, glass tepees and snow igloos looks stunning and so incredibly cozy, romantic and just perfect. If you are making a trip to Lapland I would highly recommend looking up resorts like this or booking cross country ski-ing, snowmobile or sled dog tours to see if you can catch a glimpse of this beautiful light show. :) 
Have you ever been to Lapland? What be your favourite activity out of those mentioned above?

Wishing you all a lovely day!

Love Lucy xx

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