On the 8th blog of Christmas: Lindsey Kelk!

We can't think of anything better right now, than curling up by the tree, box of Quality Streets and Celebrations on our knee, Christmas songs playing in the kitchen, Christmas movie on TV,  surrounded by family and reading Lindsey Kelk's answers to our Christmas questions! We simply adore Lindsey Kelk and each time we interview her she somehow seems to get even more awesome. How that's possible we don't know, but take our word for it and have a read, Lindsey is as funny as can be, charming and totally amazing! :) Thank you Lindsey for taking the time to answer our festive questions. We hope you all enjoy it just as must as we did! :)

    1)   Best Christmas cracker joke?
    Did you hear what happened to the man who stole an advent calendar? He got 25 days!

2)   Favourite Christmas song?
I’ve got an epic Christmas playlist on my iPod which will be going into rotation from about… now, but my favourite is probably Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses, closely followed by All I Want for Christmas and Last Christmas. God I love Christmas.

3)   Egg nog. Yay or Nay?
This is appalling but I’ve never actually tried it. I’m so worried I won’t like it that I stay away, I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I tried it and hated it and so it remains a wonderful Christmas mystery. I’m all for peppermint schnapps spiked hot chocolate though…

 4) Real tree or fake tree?

5)   Star or Angel at the top of the tree?
I actually have a little TY Beanie Baby squirrel called Nuts who has a special santa hat especially for the holidays and lives on the top of the tree. I know it’s weird but it’s been going on for about fourteen years now so I’m stuck with it.

6)    Brussel sprouts. Yes please or no thank you? Boiled into submission, absolutely not. Cooked in the oven then tossed with thinly sliced apples and covered in a honey balsamic reduction and crème fraiche, absolutely. I’ve turned into such a wanker. Since it’s Christmas, I’ll force them down however they come.

 7)    Favourite Christmas movie?
This is SO hard. Scrooged? Or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or The Apartment. Or Die Hard. OH GOD, I DON’T KNOW.

8)    One of our questions was about whether you are a fan of Advent calendars or think they are just for kids, well upon contacting you about this interview, we learnt that you had already bought 5 Advent Calendars...in November! ;) Question answered! However, now we must know what advent calendars you bought? Chocolate filled? Makeup filled? WWE? Classic Christmas scenes?  I’m a complete and utter disgrace. Let me state, in my defense, it’s quite hard to get decent chocolate filled advent calendars in the US and when I was little, we weren’t allowed chocolate advent calendars. Instead, me and my brother had those little card ones with the traditional Christmas scene on them and stuck them on the back of the living room door to open every morning. I don’t think it even occurred to us to be pissed off about it at the time, I was just so excited. Which might explain why I came back from my UK trip last week with five different chocolate advent calendars (only one was for me – Cadbury’s obvs) as well as the Charlotte Tilbury and Body Shop calendars. Since then, I’ve also added the Benefit and Starbucks calendars but I swear I’m done! And I might end up giving the Starbucks and Benefit as gifts. Or then again, I might not. I will literally buy anything that has 25 doors on it.

9)     There are tons of new and beautiful makeup sets and collections hitting the shelves in time for the holidays, have any found their way onto your Christmas list? Other than the advent calendars that Santa delivered early (oops) I’m a sucker for a gift set. I’ll happily take anything Charlotte Tilbury (keen on the Eyes to Mesmerize sets) or Elemis, probably my two favourite brands that bring out really nice chrissy presents. I really, really, really want a Christian Louboutin lipstick too but I cannot bring myself to pay $100 for a lippy. It’s madness. I quit the shoes, I can’t start on the make up.

10)  In 'I Heart Christmas' Angela wants to host the most magical, grand, perfect Christmas. If you were hosting Christmas, what could we expect from your ideal Fairy Tale day?  My Christmas has always been pretty standard but this is the first year I’m spending it in LA so I have no idea what will happen! If we were in England or New York, we’d wake up early-ish and everyone would gather around the tree while the kettle is on. Once we’ve all got a brew, it’s present opening time, sometimes we go one per person and sometimes everyone opens all of theirs at once. The only thing that would be a given would be me, eating a chocolate orange before anything else and possibly throwing up. The dream. Once we’re all up and dressed and any relatives that need to be visited have been visited, it’s back home to a Christmas feast. Loosen. Your. Belts. I’m thinking pate for starters or maybe a pear and gorgonzola salad (probably pate) before moving on to turkey with all the trimmings – stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast and mashed potatoes as well as buckets of gravy. For pudding, it’s traditional Christmas pud with brandy butter or custard and between you and me, you don’t have to eat it if you’re already in Mr. Creosote-levels of pain. The main reason to stop eating is so we can get away from the table, watch a movie, have a nap or take a walk and then get back on it. Christmas tea at my house was always as important as Christmas dinner and I would watch my mum, nana and aunt bring in plates after plate of bread rolls, sliced turkey, ham, salmon, pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, mini tomatoes (See? Healthy!), cheese, mince pies, coconut tarts, jam tarts, Christmas cake and pretty much anything else you can think of. So if the chocolate orange and the Roses and the Quality Streets and the dry roasted peanuts and the Christmas dinner wasn’t enough to finish you off, Christmas tea will do it.

 If we’re in New York, the rules change slightly because we’ll likely go out for Christmas dinner and have tea at home but we might go out for drinks in the evening or even see a movie. Back in the UK, it’s all about staying home and eating. They’re both brilliant and they both make me happy and I can’t even imagine what Christmas in LA is going to be like. Although I know there will be a spectacular amount of food. Basically, my fairy tale Christmas means eating. Eating, eating, eating.

Isn't she awesome? :) Thank you again Lindsey for taking the time to be a part of our blog and everyone be sure to check out Lindsey's latest release A Girl's Best Friend How cute is this cover? :)

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Happy Friday! Be happy and be blessed!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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