On the 6th blog of Christmas: Meeting Santa and Christmas town!

After having a few days in Virginia chilling, sorting out Christmas gifts and watching nothing but the Hallmark channel 24/7, this past Friday, Chris's parents and Meme had a day off work so we could have a very Christmassy day together.
We started off with a yummy breakfast at home, then headed to Yankee Candle's flagship store in Williamsburg to look around and to see Santa. From there we had lunch at Olive Garden then went to Busch Gardens for their annual Christmas town festivities. It was a lovely day just spending time with family while being surrounded with twinkling lights, happy faces and the smells of delicious food from around the world! Here are some of my highlights...

This is the second time I've been to the Yankee Candle store and while I don't tend to buy their candles very often, their store is quite something. This gorgeous fountain was in the middle of the building surrounded by various types of little stores, from home goods to candy. The twinkling lights at this time of year make it look magical which I love. 

I LOVE candy apples.They remind me of childhood, of Bonfire night and Halloween and of course Disney!! My husband and I used to love seeing all the creative apples they would come up with there (when we lived in Florida) and I could watch them decorate them for hours through the windows. They make me smile, so I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

This room is for all the ornaments and is kept dark because they have a twinkly light ceiling and a Christmas tree, it feels so cozy when you walk in and with the bridge too, it creates a very romantic atmosphere! :)

As you may know, I love all things 50's and diner related and this was just too cute. It was with all the little Christmas village houses and is so detailed. It even had a little classic car outside in the snow! Perfect! :) 

Christmas with the ones you love, what could be better?? :) I feel incredibly lucky that I get to celebrate the holidays with three wonderful families! 

Finally got to Busch Gardens, Christmas town and here I am enjoying walking round with a peppermint fudge hot chocolate. There's something about walking with a hot cup of something in your hands! Am I right?

I love this photo because it proves just how well my husband knows and loves me. He wandered off with the camera and found Panettone then came back with this very cool picture! :) 

This tree was so pretty, it stands tall in the Germany section of Busch Garden and every few minutes it plays music that goes with the lights. It's a very cool little show and I stood mesmerized as watching them sparkle in time with some of my favourite Christmas tunes! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week and are feeling festive and ready for the holidays!

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