On the 5th Blog of Christmas: Text Santa!

This week has been all about gifts! Ideas for things we can buy our loved ones, that they may like, want or "need." While that is lots of fun and one of the things we enjoy most this time of year, we also think that it is important to think about those less fortunate than ourselves, who may not have the luxury of  gift giving or buying the latest "must have" items. 
One of the things we love most about our home (England) is how much we do things as a Nation to raise money for various charities. We love taking part in events like Comic Relief, Sports Relief and Children in Need, so you can bet a few years ago when they came up with Text Santa, we were thrilled. We love so much the feeling of a Nation coming together to do good and with our country being quite small, it really does feel like everyone comes together for these events.

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What is Text Santa?

It is a fundraising appeal founded in 2011 by ITV in the UK. The aim is to raise money for various charities and give hope to those who need it most. From children with life threatening illnesses to families affected by crisis. It's all about what we can do to help.

2015 Charities.

This year Text Santa is raising money for:

What can you do?
You can donate on the ITV Text Santa Donate page here!

You can bid for exclusive items on the Text Santa eBay page.

You can join in on December 18th with Christmas Jumper Day! 

Buy your merchandise here!
Pick up your fundraising kit here!

Personally, we can not wait to get our Christmas jumpers to support all these amazing charities and we will be watching ITV for the three hour Text Santa special on 18th December. We love watching these shows and as we are sat in the comfort of our own homes among the people we love this year, we will be feeling extra thankful and blessed for all we have in our lives. They are all the more reason to help others and bring hope and happiness to those who need it most. We encourage you to do what you can this Christmas. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Lucy and Kelly

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