On the 4th blog of Christmas: Gift Ideas for Him!

We think besides each other and our little sister, that our husbands might just be our favourite people to buy gifts for. We always see things throughout the year, when we are out and about shopping that make us think of them and often find it hard to resist always coming home with little gifts every now and again. But Christmas time is all the more fun when we can think about what to surprise them with or what little goodies we can put in their stockings! :) So here is our gift guide for the men in your life! :) Click on the pictures to head to the websites!

If he loves Cars:
Chevy Bel Air Wall Clock 

There are so many awesome things out there for Car lovers. We are spoilt for choice when looking for things for our Dad. From the many t-shirts you can find in Kohls to the models you can put together from Michaels, the list is endless! We absolutely love all the Retro Gifts from Retro Planet as it's right up our Dads alley. From tin signs, garage signs, wall clocks, kitchen d├ęcor and shelving, it has pretty much everything for any car enthusiast!

If he is a Booklover:

If you know what type of books he's into why not treat him to a few new reads. My husband goes through phases with books, he is currently into reading books he can learn from, such as music, film, art, wrestling. I love searching for books about his favourite artists or directors or the history of wrestling and adding them to his must read pile.

If he loves Star Wars:

Everywhere you look lately there is Star Wars this and Star Wars that, if the man/men in your life are huge fans, why not get them a classic shirt or a travel mug (if he's a traveler or likes having his coffee to go) or you could even just take them to see the movie this Christmas and get them some Star Wars snacks to enjoy before or after!

If he has a Man Cave:
Man Cave Decor Small Tin Sign

Man Cave Outdoor Thermometer 

Again we are going to direct you to Retro Gifts from Retro Planet because then you can help him deck out his Man Cave with the coolest things and we guarantee he will love you for it.

If you want to get practical. Why not get him:

*If he's in to keeping fit and going to the gym. A new gym bag filled with Protein and Protein bars could make the perfect practical gift.
* If he plays an instrument, what about finding out if he needs anything for it? A guitar stool, an amp, new drumsticks etc..
* What about a small collection of gift cards to his favourite stores?
* If he is a Kindle owner, a Kindle gift card would be ideal so he can stock up on all those books he's been eyeing up.

If you want to get crafty. Why not make him:

* A bucket with some ribbon and a Christmas tag, filled with some of his favourite beer/drinks and snacks.
* A calendar with some of his favourite pictures for his office or Man Cave. These are super easy to do from Walgreens, Boots, Shutterfly etc, they have step by step instructions and they make really cute and thoughtful gifts.

It doesn't have to be something material. Why not gift him:

* Concert tickets, so you can enjoy your favourite band together and have memories to last a lifetime.
* A date night to the movies to see a movie he has been wanting to see, that may not be your favourite...go on treat him it's Christmas after all.
* Tickets to a sports game or event.

Hope these little ideas inspire your gift giving this Holiday Season!
Happy Shopping!
Lucy and Kelly

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  1. I have a lot of gift ideas in my mind. I wanted to give my son the best gift I can think of.