On the 3rd blog of Christmas: Gift Ideas for Her!

If there's one thing we love more than Mince Pies at this time of year, it's buying Christmas Gifts. :p Our must for buying presents for people is keeping it simple and thoughtful. We adore thinking of what our friends and family like and how we can find something or even make something that will mean a lot to them. :)

Here are a few Christmassy gift ideas for the women in your life. We hope you can mix and match and find inspiration from each idea for sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters and friends alike. Click on the pictures to go to the websites!

If she's a Wrestling fan:
Nothing beats a warm, cozy, loving hug, so why not get her a shirt that lets everyone know she's a hugger?! NXT'S Bayley has had a huge year and is one of the most popular women in WWE right now. This t-shirt is a must have in every WWE fan's collection!

If she's a Makeup lover:

I have been loving this Tartelette palette from Tarte cosmetics and think it would make the perfect gift for any makeup lover/collector. It is simply stunning and all the shades are beautiful and easy to work with. It's great for classic, romantic looks as well as edgy and smokey.

If she's into home décor:

It is popular these days to have motivational and inspirational quotes adorning your walls, whether it be in the bedroom to help you wake up and feel motivated, above your desk to make you feel ready to hustle or in the hallway to prep you for the day ahead, check out these adorable wall prints from Coconut Lane, they are perfect, affordable and we guarantee the ladies in your life will love them. The one above happens to be our favourite. :) As a little Christmas gift from us, we even have a 20% coupon code just or you, simply use the code blossomtwins20 at checkout and get your orders in today! :)

If she's a Booklover:


There are so many wonderful Christmas books out there right now that are just guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit! We recommend any books that we have mentioned over on our "Books are always in Style" page. One of our absolute favourites though has got to be Rebecca Raisin's "Gingerbread Café" series, which you can now get in book form. This is an absolute treat for booklovers and we promise if the woman in your life is anything like us, she will be smiling from ear to ear.

If she's a Potterhead: 

Every Harry Potter fan knows that the obsession never fades, in fact, it gets stronger every year that goes by. When we found out that they were doing an Illustrated version of the Harry Potter books, we were extremely excited. Upon having a quick look in the bookstores, we know that this is a definite collectors item. There are so many gorgeous illustrations that just add to this magical story.

If you want to get practical. Why not get her:

*A new gym/casual/night out outfit. Pulling together a complete outfit, while bearing her style in mind, but choosing something you think she will look great in might seem daunting but we think its incredibly sweet and thoughtful and knowing you put it together and want to see her in it will give her that touch more confidence.
* Language lessons. If she has always wanted to learn a language, maybe she just needs a push in the right direction. You could even learn with her!
* What about a small collection of gift cards to her favourite stores?
* If she is a Kindle owner, a Kindle gift card would be ideal so she can stock up on all those books she's been eyeing up.

If you want to get crafty. Why not make her:

* A mason jar decorated with some ribbon and a Christmas tag and filled with some of her favourite sweets or candy.
* A calendar with some of her favourite pictures. These are super easy to do from Walgreens, Boots, Shutterfly etc, they have step by step instructions and they make really cute and thoughtful gifts.
* If she loves snuggling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you could even get creative and make her a blanket with her favourite photos on or even a pillow! Places like Walgreens and Shutterfly always have deals this time of year and again their websites are easy to follow!

It doesn't have to be something material. Why not gift her:

* Concert tickets, so you can enjoy your favourite band together and have memories to last a lifetime.
* A date night to her favourite restaurant.
* A weekend away to somewhere she's always wanted to go.

Hope this little gift guide has inspired you and given you a little helping hand when in search for presents! :)

Happy Shopping!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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  1. I really want to try the Tarte palette. Might just gift it to myself.


    1. It's so gorgeous! :) I had to treat myself a few weeks back as it had been tempting me for months! :p It's definitely worth it! xx

  2. i'd love to get anything having to do with harry potter or tarte!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Two things you just can't go wrong with! :p :) xx

  3. I definitely wouldn't mind that Tarte pallet under the tree!

    1. It is stunning! :) They have the most gorgeous palettes out for the holidays! :) xx