On the 2nd blog of Christmas: Author Jenny Oliver!

The moment we picked up the first book in Jenny Oliver's "Cherry Pie Island" series, we were hooked and since then have read the whole series as well as many more of her wonderful books! Jenny's recent story "Four Weddings and a White Christmas" had us feeling so happy and festive that we knew we just had to have Jenny on the blog to discuss our favourite holiday! So today, on the 2nd blog of Christmas we welcome Jenny Oliver!! :) 

Thanks so much for having me on your amazing blog! I’m a huge fan, so very excited to be here.
1) Best Christmas cracker joke?
What do snowmen wear on their heads?
Ice caps!
2) Favourite Christmas song?
All of them! We have so many Christmas compilation albums at home - from choir sung carols to number one hits to traditional crooning numbers. If I had to pick it would be It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas sung by Dean Martin or Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sung by Judy Garland.
3) Egg nog. Yay or Nay?
Yay (as long as I only have to have a really tiny sip.)
4) Real tree or fake tree?
Real all the way! I just love the smell of Christmas tree when I walk into my flat. And I quite like the trail of needles on the carpet when it comes to taking it down - all part of the Christmas tradition.
5) Star or Angel at the top of your tree?
At the moment we have a funny little bird on the top of our tree that we got in South Africa. It’s made of beads and we didn’t know what to do with it so we put wire on the bottom and wound it onto the top of the tree. It’s too heavy, so by the beginning of January - when the tree is on its last legs - it makes the branch tip right over. In retrospect it’s not a very practical tree topper! 

6) Advent Calendars: A childhood tradition that should never be broken or just for kids?
I had a chocolate one last year.
7) Brussel sprouts. yes please or no thank you?
Hated as a kid, don’t mind them now. My sister says they’re like little sweets - I wouldn’t go that far.
8) Favourite Christmas movie?
It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone 1 & 2, all the really cheesy ones on the Christmas Channel. My dad loves The Muppet Christmas Carol so that’s always enjoyable to watch with him.
9) Hannah and her family (Four Weddings and a White Christmas) love their Christmas morning stocking tradition. Do you do Christmas stockings?
Every year. When we were younger we started doing ones for my parents as well and the tradition stuck. We all have to be together to open them (just like in the book, but in front of the fire rather than all piled into the same bedroom!) so we can ooh and aah over everyone’s gifts! My dad still says, ‘Santa thought you’d like that…’ while my husband rolls his eyes.

10) In "The Little Christmas Kitchen" Ella soon realizes that nothing quite brings family together like baking traditional festive treats. Do you have any family baking traditions for Christmas time?
     Absolutely. There are always mince pies to make and a Christmas cake to be iced. When we were growing up my mum and dad would have this massive Christmas party the week before the big day. Pretty much everyone they knew came and we’d be cooking canapés for days beforehand. That always felt like the start of Christmas. This year, after quite a hiatus, the party is back on! I’m already excited! I can just see everyone hard at work in the kitchen -  gossiping, making mistakes, forgetting ingredients, bickering, making up, laughing, drinking tea, stealing piping-hot mini cheese pies straight from the oven - just like the gang in TLCK before the party.

I hope you all have the loveliest Christmas!
Jenny x

You can find Jenny's book "Four Weddings and a White Christmas" on Amazon here! 


 You can win a paperback copy of Jenny's wonderful book, "The Little Christmas Kitchen!" All you have to do to enter is answer this question in the comments below!

What is your favourite Christmas food?

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Good Luck!

Lucy and Kelly

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  1. My favorite Christmas food, for as long as I can remember has been my grandma's sweet potato casserole, and now that she has passed it is an even more important tradition we enjoy to honor her memory!

    1. Congratulations Joel, you are the winner of our Jenny Oliver Christmas giveaway! :) Please send your details to teamblossom@hotmail.com within 48 hours and we will get your prize sent out to you. :) xx

    2. Hi Joel, if you would like to receive your prize, please can you send us your details so we can get it sent to you soon? :) If not we shall be picking a new winner. Thank you very much! xx

  2. Ohh this is so easy to answer, it's definitely turkey! Brill Q & A, girls. Love Jenny!

  3. Ooh, this book looks simply wonderful and so festive! My favourite Christmas food has got to be pigs in blankets, with lots and lots of bread sauce. Bread sauce should be a thing aaaall year round, not just at Christmas! Hehe. Rosie xx

  4. My favorite Christmas food is Stuffed Roast Turkey and potatoes! Great post and thank you for the chance.

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    1. Hi Diana, we had to choose another winner for this competition and your name came out of the hat! :) Congratulations! If you could send along your details to teamblossom@hotmail.com we can get your prize sent out to you soon! :) xx

  5. My favorite Christmas food is just this simple Carbonara ☺ -@MaroBenipayo on twitter

  6. My favourite Christmas food is my hubbys homemade stuffing yum xx

  7. My favourite Christmas food is my hubbys homemade stuffing yum xx

  8. My favourite Christmas food is my hubbys homemade stuffing yum xx

  9. Loving the Christmas blogs, girls! :) And my favourite Christmas food is sausages wrapped in bacon AKA pigs in blankets!! :) xx