On the 1st blog of Christmas: Happy December!

Christmas is our absolute favourite time of year! We love everything about it! We do enjoy every Holiday but there is just something so magical about Christmas, that makes us get extra giddy and spend the majority of the month of December squealing with glee at every thing festive! :)

Here is a little list (We love our lists) of just some of the reasons we wish it could be Christmas every day! (See what we did there?! :p)

*Gingerbread EVERYTHING! Have you tried Gingerbread Oreos yet? They are amazing!
*Christmas trees
*Fairy Lights
*Buying gifts
*Hot Chocolate
*Christmas d├ęcor
*Christmas Markets
*Eggnog (We don't actually like it that much but we feel like it's something we should like and we like saying Eggnog! :p )
*Christmas Movies! The Holiday is one of our favourites, what is yours?
*Mince Pies
*Pandoro & Panettone
*Advent Calendars &
*British Christmas Adverts! Speaking of Christmas adverts, this has to be our favourite one EVER!

We love seeing the British Christmas adverts. We feel they are the UK version of the Superbowl commercials. Every year companies seem to be stepping it up and coming up with emotional, cute, heartwarming or just plain Christmassy concepts that really truly get you in the festive spirit. When our Dad told us to look out for the H&M one, we got super excited thinking about all the celebrities he may have been on set with and what they would have needed a shopfitter for. In the past he made propts for Kick Ass!! Our brains were a ticking and Dad wouldn't give us any hints. The moment the H&M advert appeared on YouTube we were glued to our screens. When Katy Perry appeared we thought 'Wow, well that's pretty cool.' Then, then, we saw it, in all its beauty, shining bright like the star of the show...

... A 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. As we mentioned in 'Little Red Corvette' we are huge fans of Classic American Cars thanks to our Dad. This 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz just so happens to be his!! This car is like the fifth child in our family and we actually felt like proud siblings seeing it in this advert. It did such a good job! :p How wonderful and Christmassy is this advert?! :)

What are some of your favourite things about this time of year and do you have a favourite Christmas commercial? :)

Seasons greetings!
Lucy and Kelly xx

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  1. It's all about the Christmas films for me, last year wasn't so great for it but usually I love looking at the tv guide and knowing you can watch like 5 Christmas films that day ha. I also have young Nieces and it's 100 times better watching kids opening presents than opening presents yourself :). LOTS OF CHOCOLATE, can't forget how important that is ;)

    This was a pretty fantastic advert from last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iccscUFY860