On the 12th blog of Christmas: Christmas Day 2015!

This Christmas was the first one in two years that myself and Lucy have actually spent together and it was wonderful! We had such a lovely day, it was simply awesome being all together again and we can never take for granted having another Christmas surrounded by all our family, everyone laughing, smiling, healthy and enjoying themselves. We had loads of food, delicious treats and got some sweet little gifts. Here are some of our favourite pictures from Christmas 2015!

One of our favourite sights at Christmas! No matter how many years we walk into this it never gets old. Seeing Italian cakes in shops just make us happy. Nanna and Grandad have been handing Pandoro and Panettone out to friends and visitors for as long as we can remember and then some. We think its such a lovely gesture and the cakes are out of this world! :)

Don't you just love twinkly lights? :) We usually have colourful lights around the porch that we have had since we were kids (like our main tree in the living room) but this year they finally packed it in which made us very sad. Dad likes having them up as much as us though so he put up some extra lights we had. We love sitting out there at night in our own little winter wonderland watching the lights twinkle! :) 

As we get older we definitely enjoy giving presents rather than receiving them, especially to our parents. Our Mum isn't one for gifts, so if we get her anything we try to be as practical as possible. In recent months she had been telling us all about a book she had read that she loved so much that when she finished it, she picked it up and read it again straight away. The book was "The Midnight Rose" by Lucinda Riley. In a flash of brilliance a few weeks ago, I thought it would be amazing to get the book signed for Mum as she would never expect it. So, after emailing Lucinda Riley whilst in America, and with our sisters help in England, we managed to do just that. As you can see from the picture Mum was very surprised, extremely happy and a tad teary eyed. We couldn't have asked for anything more! :) 

Goofy family photos! :) Our mum bought the boys these jumpers last year after Christmas and finally this year they were all together and could wear them. They all had fun taking random photos in them and I think they actually got a kick out of dressing the same for a brief moment, albeit just for the sake of silly photos. The three of them together are hilarious which makes us feel very blessed. We are lucky that our husbands get on so well with our family and I think it's fun for our brother to finally have some boys to hang out with. For those of you who don't know, the boys are all Chris's which is why we tend to say "My Chris" when talking about our husbands! 

Our family meals all around the table are the best! We have lots and lots of delicious food, we chat, we laugh and we just enjoy being together. Being Italian we definitely have to say that sat round the table with the ones you love is the best place to be. This year we played games that our brother got us and told cracker jokes in between three yummy courses. It was perfect!

It's always sad when Christmas day comes to an end but we always go to bed feeling extremely thankful for yet another year with our wonderful family especially our Nanna and Grandad who were both well and happy this Christmas day! We hope you all had a great day too, filled with love and happiness.

Lots of Love
Lucy and Kelly

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